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23 November 2016

posted 23 Nov 2016, 00:35 by Rights in Russia   [ updated 23 Nov 2016, 00:35 ]
Cynical 2nd sentence passed on Ukrainian political prisoner whom Russia is driving insane

The sentence passed on Nov 21 adds only a month to Russia’s 20-year sentence against Ukrainian Stanislav Klykh, but its cynicism is of extraordinary brutality. Klykh was accused of ‘contempt of court’, allegedly seen in his ‘insulting a prosecutor’. The behaviour in question had been one of the numerous signs that Klykh was in a seriously disturbed state after the 10 months in which Russia held him totally incommunicado, subjecting him to torture and filling him with psychotropic drugs. Caucasian Knot reports that on Nov 21, Judge Akhtem Shailov from the Zavodsky District Court in Grozny convicted Klykh of ‘insulting a prosecutor’ and sentenced him to 240 hours of compulsory labour, with this being replaced by one month’s imprisonment. It seems that the prosecutor demanded 1.5 months’ imprisonment, but there are no grounds for seeing Shailov’s sentence as lenient. There had been no ‘contempt of court’, and the very prosecution was a cruel mockery of Klykh. There had never been any investigation into both men’s allegations of torture, including, in Klykh’s case, the application of psychotropic drugs, nor any independent psychiatric assessment. His lawyer Marina Dubrovina had sought a psychiatric investigation from the outset, but any checks carried out were totally perfunctory (details here). An examination was finally ordered in January after Klykh showed overtly disturbed behaviour in court. The ‘examination’ by the Russian prison service’s psychiatrists resulted in Klykh receiving an improbable clean state of health and then being forcibly administered unidentified drugs. These were probably heavy-duty tranquilizers, but his lawyer’s attempts to ascertain their nature were fruitless. [...]