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25 May 2017

posted 25 May 2017, 09:15 by Rights in Russia   [ updated 25 May 2017, 12:22 ]
Editor Of Siberian Newspaper Shot Dead
Russian authorities say the chief editor of a newspaper in the Siberian city of Minusinsk has been shot dead in a killing they believe may be connected to his work. The Investigative Committee branch in Krasnoyarsk Krai said on May 25 that Dmitry Popkov's body was found with multiple gunshot wounds in a bathhouse outside a home in Minusinsk at about 11 p.m. local time on May 24. Committee spokeswoman Olga Degid said it was the journalist's own home. [...]
Source: RFE/RL [25 May 2017]

Russia Fines Navalny Ally For Extremism Over John Oliver Repost
CHEBOKSARY, Russia -- A coordinator for Russian opposition leader Aleksei Navalny's headquarters in the Chuvashia region [Semyon Kochkin] has been fined for extremism after reposting a portion of the popular U.S.
television show Last Week Tonight With John Oliver. In a May 25 decision, a court in Chuvashia's capital ruled that Semyon Kochkin distributed extremist material and fined him 1,500 rubles ($27). [...]
Source: RFE/RL [25 May 2017]

World Cup 2018: Fifa admits workers have suffered human rights abuses

• Gianni Infantino admits North Koreans worked at St Petersburg stadium
• Fifa president sent letter to Nordic FAs after they expressed concern
The Fifa president, Gianni Infantino, has admitted there have been human rights abuses of workers involved in the construction of the arena in St Petersburg due to host matches in next year’s World Cup. In a letter to the presidents of four Nordic football associations, which the Guardian has seen, Infantino also acknowledged that some men from North Korea, whose working conditions are “often appalling”, were deployed to work at the Zenit Arena in St Petersburg. [...]
Source: The Guardian [25 May 2017]

Prosecutors To Look Into Comments By Transparency International Official
The Russian Prosecutor-General's Office says it will look into recent remarks by the deputy chief of Transparency International Russia (TIR) regarding controversial lawmaker Natalya Poklonskaya. Prosecutorial officials said on May 25 that they have received a request from a senior pro-Kremlin legislator, Vasily Piskaryov, to examine Ilya Shumanov's remarks to determine whether they were threatening. [...]
Source: RFE/RL [25 May 2017]

Prosecutor Demands Lengthy Prison Terms in Kabardino-Balkaria 'Caliphate Trial'
The prosecutor has demanded prison terms of up to 20 years for eight young men from Kabardino-Balkaria on charges ranging from illegal possession of arms and establishing an illegal armed group to the attempted killing of a police officer, the news portal Caucasian Knot reported on May 19. At the same time, the prosecution proposed dropping the most controversial charge against the eight: that of plotting to overthrow the republic's leadership and establish an Islamic caliphate. [...]
Source: RFE/RL [25 May 2017]

Alexei Venediktov reports Boris Nemtsov's complaints about threats in connection with "Charlie Hebdo"
Today, Alexei Venediktov, the editor-in-chief of the "Echo Moskvy", has been summoned to the trial in the case on the murder of Boris Nemtsov. According to an advocate of the victim family, Alexei Venediktov was one of the last persons who talked to Boris Nemtsov. Alexei Venediktov claimed that Boris Nemtsov informed him of the threats voiced against him. The judge has refused to question Alexei Venediktov in the presence of the jury and explained his decision by saying that none of the defendants is being charged with threatening Boris Nemtsov, the "Caucasian Knot" correspondent reports from the courtroom. [...]

Source: Caucasian Knot [25 May 2017]

"Legal Initiative" reports disappearance of Chechen woman
Her mother had turned to the prosecutor's office asking to investigate the disappearance of her daughter, but the office gave no reaction. Shortly before the disappearance, the daughter left her husband because of beatings. Malika T., a resident of Grozny, disappeared back in October 2016, but this became known only today, when her mother has appealed to rights defenders. Prior to her disappearance, the woman several times applied to the Grozny prosecutor's office stating that her husband was beating her up. According to her mother, after another beating in the fall of 2016, her daughter left her husband; however, after a while came back because of children. [...]

Source: Caucasian Knot [24 May 2017]

Kuban farmer Petrov released under house arrest
The Kavkaz District Court has granted the petition of the prosecutor's office to release Oleg Petrov, an activist of the "Polite Farmers" movement, from custody, said Alexei Volchenko, the leader of the movement. The "Caucasian Knot" has reported that on March 28 Oleg Petrov's field camp in the village of Kazanskaya, Krasnodar Territory, was to become the starting point of the "tractor march" to Moscow, by which the Kuban (Krasnodar) farmers wanted to draw attention to the problems of raiders' land captures in the Territory. After the march was disrupted, the Petrov's house was searched, and he himself was detained, and then arrested. [...]

Source: Caucasian Knot [24 May 2017]