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27 June 2017

posted 27 Jun 2017, 07:42 by Rights in Russia   [ updated 27 Jun 2017, 07:57 ]
Jury Deliberating In Trial Of Accused Nemtsov Killers
Jury deliberations in the trial of five men who are charged in connection with the 2015 killing of opposition politician and former Russian Deputy Prime Minister Boris Nemtsov have resumed after two jurors were dismissed for procedural violations. Moscow military court Judge Yury Zhitnkov on June 27 removed one woman from the jury for failing to declare in advance that her husband, who died in 2013, had a criminal conviction. A second juror was removed for allegedly bringing unauthorized materials from the case investigation into the courtroom. [...]
Source: RFE/RL [27 June 2017]

Convicted Of Defamation, Former Kursk Oblast Lawmaker Remains Undaunted
Criticizing the governing authorities would seem to be just part of the job for an opposition politician. But a judge in Russia's Kursk Oblast disagrees. On June 26, the Lenin Regional Court in Kursk found former liberal local legislator Olga Li guilty of defaming local judge Lyudmila Shurova and fined her 90,000 rubles ($1,525). The charges stemmed from videos that Li posted on the Internet -- particularly one posted in March 2016 that she addressed to Russian President Vladimir Putin and in which she railed against corruption and lawlessness throughout her region. [...]
Source: RFE/RL [27 June 2017]

United by persecution, Crimean Tatars celebrate National Flag Day
Crimean Tatar National Flag Day passed without arrests in Russian-occupied Crimea this year, but each group of people who joined together in flash mobs and other gatherings knew that they could face detention, fines, or harassment later. Nor could any Crimean Tatar with an active civic position be unaware of the danger since June 26 was also the 41st birthday of Emir-Usein Kuku, a human rights activist who has been held in detention since February 2017 on fabricated charges. Despite detentions and fines for no more than driving with the Crimean Tatar flag on May 18, the anniversary of the Deportation, many Crimean Tatars cane together around the flag on June 26, near Feodosia, Bakhchysarai and other places. In the Feodosia region, for example, activists prepared a video to mark the festival, with children, their parents, teachers and activists taking part in a huge flash mob, with poetry reading, folk dances, and much more around the flag. [...]
Source: Human Rights in Ukraine [27 June 2017]

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