Chechnya: Abduction of University Student

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10 March 2011
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On March 2, 2011 Said Beslanovich Sigauri, born in 1988 and living at: 33 Kirova Str., in the Sleptsovskaya (Ordzhonikidzevskaya) village, Sunzhenskiy district, Republic of Ingushetia, left his aunt’s house to go to university and never came back. Said is a fourth year student of the history faculty in the State University of Grozny. On weekdays he stayed at his aunt’s in Grozny, as everyday commuting from Ingushetia to Chechnya for his studies is extremely inconvenient.

At dusk Said called his relatives and told them he was in the OVD of Sunzhenskiy district of Chechnya. He asked them to “do something to take him out of there”. On that very day and the next one, his relatives contacted the department mentioned by Said, but they were answered that Said was not there.

In the meantime Said’s elder brother Аrbi Beslanovich Sigauri, born in 1986, was assassinated on March 2, 2011 in the Leninskiy district of Grozny during a special operation supposedly lead by the head of the Republic R. Kadyrov.

According to the relatives, Arbi had poor eyesight. In February 2010 with the support of the Chechen Republic Health Ministry he was sent to the city of Ufa, Republic of Bachkortostan to have an eye surgery. After the convalescence in Ufa, he was sent to Moscow for another operation. In summer 2010, he got back home in Sleptsovskaya. From then on, law enforcement officials regularly visited the Sigauris. They wanted to know where Arbi had been during his absence. His parents showed documents proving he had undergone an operation. However, the visits of officials did not stop and they required Arbi to be handed to them. Arbi, scared for his security, did not sleep at home. His relatives convinced him to leave the Republic but he replied that he ''had done nothing and had no reason to flee''.

Two days before the special operation of March, 2 he went to his relatives in Shavkhalova str. in Leninskiy district, Grozny and informed them that he planned to flee to Moscow.

On March 2, siloviki suddenly surrounded the house. According to Ardi's relatives, only children were in that house, and they were allowed to get out during the special operation. Meanwhile, the adults were at work. The owner of the house (someone called her to her workplace) called the brothers Sigauri's aunt, who lived with Said. When Arbi's aunt hurried to the place of the incident, he was killed. There were no other victims in the special operation.

Said's relatives only remembered about him later on, but they could not reach him by phone.

According to Sigauri's relatives, they were delivered for questioning to the police department №1 of Leninskiy raion. Moreover, the Sigauri brothers went to the Leninskiy ROVD in order to learn about Said's fate. However, they were told that Said had been brought for questioning but that he was after taken by ''officials form another agency'', without receiving any other answer to the questions about the place and the agency where Said had been taken. As of March 9, 2011 no further information is available concerning Said Sigauri's fate.

March 10, 2011

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