Chechnya: Details of the Abduction of Three Young Men in Gudermes

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26 July 2011

Memorial Human Rights Centre

Translation by Memorial

Human Rights Center "Memorial" previously reported the abduction June 24, 2011 in Gudermes, Republic of Chechnya ( ). New circumstances of their abduction became known on July 20.

On June 24, 2011 three young men - Ali Adamovich Aidamirov (born 1988, lives at the address: Grozny, Zhigulevskaya Street, 7, Apt. 24), Khalid Hamzatovich Dushaev (born 1988, lives at the address: Grozny, Chernorechye village, Ashkhabadskaya Street, 27, Apt. 29) and Israil Adizov (born 1987, lives at the address: Gudermes, Titova Street, 98) spent the day at a water park in Gudermes. According to relatives of Israil, after 10:00 pm they were in the city center in a small park, opposite the «Leader» petrol station. Ali and Khalid wanted to go home, but did not have enough money for a taxi. Israil called an acquaintance and asked him to take friends to the «Minutka» district of Grozny, after which they planned to take public transport. The acquaintance agreed. While friends were waiting for the car, armed men from an unknown law enforcement structure approached them and demanded to see their passports. At this point Gudermes police department officers, patrolling the city, also arrived. Only Israil had documents, the two others had left their passports at home. This is confirmed by their relatives. The siloviks demanded that the young men come with them. A Gudermes police officer, whose family members prefer that he not be identified, said the unidentified security officials that he knew Israil, and lived with him in the same neighborhood. He also asked them to give Israil to them, promising to interrogate and investigate him in the police department. At Israil's request, this same policeman asked to hand over the other two guys. The unidentified siloviks refused and took Ali and Khalid in an unknown direction. Israil was led to the police station, where he later phoned his brother, who took him home.

The next day, June 25, Israil telephoned relatives of Ali and Khalid and reported the incident.

On June 26 between midnight and one o'clock in the morning, Israil and his cousin Dzhambulat Izrailov took Dzhambulat's "Gazelle" and went to Israil's brother, Ruslan, who worked all day at the site on the northern outskirts of Gudermes. When the three of them were coming back, their car was overtaken by a silver "Lada Priora" that blocked the road. A second «Lada Priora» pulled up behind them. In them were armed men in camouflage uniforms, two of them masked, forced Dzhambulat and Ruslan to lie on the ground. Then they put Israil in his car and drove off in an unknown direction.

Only one of the cars had license plate, the brothers remembered it.

The next day Israil's brother appealed to the district police department with a statement about the kidnapping, reported the abductors' plate numbers.

Israil's relatives have tried several times to meet with the district police department officers who helped the young man on June 24, but he, for various reasons, refuses to meet them.

In connection with the abduction of Ali and Khalid, their relatives filed a statement to the district police department and the Gudermes Region Investigation Committee. Information about a criminal case is not available to the relatives.

In September 2008, Israil Adizov was arrested for aiding and abetting illegal armed groups. Then he was sentenced to 1 year and 6 months imprisonment. He returned home in March 2010. Ali and Khalid also served time there.

As of July 22, the location of the three abductees is unknown.

July 26, 2011

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