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26 December, Pushkin Square rally. "Moscow for Everyone!"

posted 24 Dec 2010, 05:28 by Rights in Russia
23 December 2010
Memorial Human Rights Centre
Translation by Memorial

On December 26, 2010, Sunday, the civil meeting "Moscow for everyone" will take place at Pushkinskaya Square at 12:00. One of the organizers is Victor Shenderovich. The meeting is supported by actors Evgeniy Mironov and Chulpan Khamatova, writer Dmitriy Bykov, "Novaya Gazeta" editor in chief Dmitriy Muratov, "Continent" journal editor in chief Igor Vinogradov, journalist Sergey Parkhomenko, musician Aleksei Kortnev, poet Sergey Gandlevskiy, art historian Andrey Erofeev, theatre directors Kama Ginkas, Genriatta Yanovskaya, Vladimir Mirzoev, Iosif Raykhelgauz. Memorial also supports the event.

Shenderovich's appeal was published in his LiveJournal on December 16, Thursday. "What happened and continues to happen in Moscow's streets makes us clang in all possible things", - says the writer about the events at Manezhnaya Square on December 11 and at Kievskiy station Square four days later.

Let's do not act the fool, do not pretend that we don't understand what happens these days in Russia. The term "norm" again and again dilutes and dilutes in terrible form, - writes Shenderovich. – But understanding and speaking about this – is not enough: the politics changes not by words but by numerals.

Yet they gather thousands of people at squares by their crude and obcsene mottoes and we one by one are terrified by this in our facebooks, - they will speak louder and louder in the name of people, pulling in their "norm" new people! And act more confident, pulling down the state into bloody mud from where we won't stand up.

But today everyone should say the words of Andrey Platonov – "without me the nation is not full". In Russia there are us – millions of certain normal people, descended from normal parents, who gave their children normal books. By us I mean persons who consider xenophobia disgraceful and Nazism – criminal, who don't want give the state to half-wit people, who draw svastika and salute in Nazi style in two steps from the Eternal Flame.

There are a lot of us. But we stand aside the crowd. We feel good one by one and in a small amount – with friends, affairs, girlfriends, PC's, books, cups of coffee… I'm the same, I understand. Bur sometimes ages sink looking at stopwatch. Sometimes it is necessary to put aside your cup of coffee and correct your plans for the week-end in order not to live the rest of your life in classical brown shit under the power of demagogues and dimwits who decided to assort people by skin's color or skull's form.

There are a lot of us. Sometimes it is necessary to show.


Contacts of the organizers: +7 905-550-84-15

We do not suggest closing eyes on the problems of cultures, migration, corruption and inefficiency of law enforcement agencies. These problems which cause the growth of ethnic discord should be discussed openly and fairly. But we reject with indignation attempts using these problems to justify appeals to discrimination and more over to killings and beating by ethnic signs.

December 23, 2010

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