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Job Vacancy: Web Officer at Amnesty International

posted 19 Mar 2012, 12:26 by Rights in Russia   [ updated 19 Mar 2012, 12:31 ]
19 March 2012

Amnesty International: Job Vacancy

Title: Web Officer 

Team: Resource Centre 

Programme: Europe and Central Asia 

Advert: Promoting and protecting human rights is a huge task and to maximise human rights awareness Amnesty International needs to be at the forefront of web technology. That’s why we need you to ensure e-activism growth both in Russia and in the FSU countries, helping us to engage with and reach more people than ever before. 

For more details and to apply please visit  


Working as part of a team under the supervision of the AI Russia Office Director and in coordination with the Campaigner and the rest of the team, you will develop and maintain Amnesty International’s web presence in the region to ensure maximum impact by posting news, promoting urgent actions and facilitating debates on social networks and in the blogosphere, striving to build up the community and help increase activism. It’s about growing our online presence, supporting and engaging e-activists in the region and reaching new audiences, which is particularly important in areas where Amnesty do not have a physical presence. So as well as maintaining the necessary technologies, liaising with internal teams and external suppliers, you’ll take the initiative on identifying new developments and providing tools for increasing web activism while taking part in global social media and online campaigns where appropriate. 


An experienced web operator with textual and multimedia Drupal skills, ideally with some knowledge of Wordpress, you will be expert at using and safely updating modern content management systems. You’ll of course be confident using technology in an innovative, engaging way, knowing exactly how to adapt a message to appeal to any target audience with a good sense of style, usage and appropriateness in both Russian and English. Not only that you’ll know how to promote it through the spectrum of online mediums, including social networks such as facebook, vkontakte and blogging platforms like livejournal. Your expert web skills will extend to some knowledge of search engine optimization and system administration. And as well as that an ability to work in a multicultural environment, confidence working to tight deadlines as part of a self-managed team is essential while fluency in both spoken and written English and Russian is absolutely required. 


Our aim is simple: an end to human rights abuses. Independent, international and influential, we campaign for justice, freedom and truth wherever they’re denied. Already our network of over three million members and supporters is making a difference in 150 countries. And whether we’re applying pressure through powerful research or direct lobbying, mass demonstrations or online campaigning, we’re all inspired by hope for a better world. One where human rights are respected and protected by everyone, everywhere. 

Job Summary JOB PURPOSE: 

To develop and maintain Amnesty International’s Russian language website and accounts in social networks and blogs as tools for actions on human rights concerns, working as part of the AI Russia office in collaboration with the International Secretariat in order to ensure e- activism growth both in Russia and in the FSU countries with no AI structures and ensure maximum impact. 


• Infrequent field trips required to support activist trainings and neighboring AI s/s (Ukraine, Moldova). 

• Infrequent participation in street actions. 

• Full time 


1. Reports to: Director, AI Russia office (For all day-today operational issues); 

2. Other key relationships: other staff at the AI Russia office, IS User Support Team (office hardware and software maintenance), Language Resource Center (for all translation-related issues), DCP (website / social networks related issues), AI Moldova and AI Ukraine (facilitating their web presence), other AI sections’ websites’ teams . 


The Europe and Central Asia Programme contributes to the promotion and protection of human rights in the region though leading on the monitoring, researching, analyzing and reporting on human rights in the countries of this area, and through developing and implementing strategies for AI action, including membership campaigning and human rights capacity building 

Job Description 

1. This post is the single point of contact regarding all matters related to publishing AI content on and on various social networks and blogs in Russian 

2. Is solely responsible for the maintenance from both a technical and legally compliant perspective of the website. 

3. Develops, implements and maintains the Russian language website: 

a. keeps the website up-to-date in terms technical maintenance and security; 

b. regularly publishes actions, press releases, reports and other relevant content; 

c. creates new content in accordance with the objectives of the AI Russia office. 

4. In coordination with the Campaigner and Media officer, regularly posts news and facilitates debates on social networks and in the blogosphere, striving to build up the community and help increase activism. Pays especial attention to promoting urgent actions on social networks (facebook, vkontakte, twitter, livejournal, flickr, youtube, and other relevant platforms). 

5. In consultation with Head of Office and Campaigner sets priorities for translation of AI documents and creating new website content to ensure effective use of resources allocated for translation, and also to ensure that the target audiences receive enough coverage. Maintains house style book, glossary and other tools for the translation team in order to uphold professional standards. Participates in recruitment of translators and editors, provides initial training and regular feedback, to ensure correct, adequate, and timely translation of materials. 

6. Promotes the website, the blog and accounts in social networks with the view to increasing their usage and growing membership. Collaborates on global social network campaigns via the Amnesty International social media group and Social Media Coordinator at DCP, IS. 

7. Ensures that the Russian language website is fully integrated in the worldwide network of AI websites. Provides support and guidance to the neighboring AI structures (Moldova, Ukraine, and others) on issues related to their web presence. 

8. Deals with website related queries from AI Russia office staff, IS, Amnesty International groups and individual AI members in Russia, AI structures/offices from FSU republics and the general public in the Russian Federation. Provides information and advice as necessary. 

9. Liaises with local Internet service providers (ISPs) to ensure permanent internet access and connectivity. 

10. Liaise with the Head Office IT team based in London regarding purchasing of any IT products and before making any proposed changes or developments. 

11. In cooperation with the IS Remote Access team, maintains up-to-date backup copies of crucial information contained on LAN drives and ensures the ongoing security of information on our systems and website. 

12. Ensures that no illegal content is ever stored on the office computers, and that all software is either licensed or open-source. 

13. In cooperation with the relevant teams in Head Office and other regional offices maintains and develops standards for electronic publishing of Amnesty International material within the context of a multilingual movement to ensure that AI message is conveyed in a professional way and with regard to multiculturalism. 

14. Advises Resource Center staff on Internet publishing policy, copyright issues, and technical issues in order to ensure compliance with the electronic publishing requirements of the International Secretariat. Shares best practice, policy and guidelines with DCP. 

15. Plans own work in accordance with priorities agreed within the office and carries out all administrative tasks related to the post 

16. Keeps up-to-date with developments in the field of Internet and web services, in particular any trends specific to the Russian Federation in order to make relevant recommendations on equipment, resources and training; researches and evaluates new methods and develops improvements to the services of the team to maximize team output. 

17. Participates in and facilitates the coordination of the work conducted by the AI Russia office; sets priorities, monitors progress, agrees work plans, standards and outputs / deliverables; agrees the best use of functional expertise within the team, in order to ensure mutual support and accountability; identifies training and development needs and reports to the Head of Office to ensure staff are adequately trained in the field of IT. 

18. Builds and maintains ties with key civil society and digital media actors in the Russian language blogosphere. 

What does success look like in this job? A successful Web officer of the AI Russia office will: 

ensure that the Russian web site runs smoothly, is always up to date, and reflects the main website’s ( content to the degree relevant for Russian speaking audience and activists; 

keep our supporters on social networks engaged and eager to take actions; 

ensure that web activism is growing; 

set and uphold the highest standards of quality regarding all translations carried out by the Office, both written and oral; 

be of support for web editors at the neighboring AI structures; 

take initiative on finding new ways and providing tools for increasing web activism. 

Take part in global social media and online campaigns where appropriate 

Skills & Experience 

Experience of maintaining and operating websites using modern content management systems (CMS) (Wordpress skills are a plus, Drupal skills are essential). Must be able to create both textual and multimedia content in Drupal. Must have a clear understanding of how to update the CMS safely, as well install new modules 

Language essentials: A) Excellent knowledge of English. Fluent written and oral communication in English. B) Profound knowledge of Russian, great editing and writing skills, the ability to adapt texts to various styles (e.g. write ‘for the web’). A good sense of style, usage and appropriateness. 

General awareness of how to promote an account in social networks (facebook, vkontakte) and a blog on a blogging platform (livejournal). 

Basic knowledge of SEO and other techniques used for promoting websites, such as buying links and getting mentioned by bloggers. 

Basic skills of a system administrator (an office LAN running Windows). 

Willingness to keep up-to-date with developments in relevant web technologies. Self-study as a matter of habit, the awareness of one’s responsibility to explore opportunities and take relevant training courses. 

The ability to manage one’s own time, agree on priorities, and get things done on schedule without supervision.