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Euromaidan SOS: Ukraine’s Civil Society is Urging the World to Act!

posted 23 Jan 2014, 23:46 by Rights in Russia   [ updated 23 Jan 2014, 23:56 ]
24 January 2014

Source: Євромайдан SOS Facebook page

This is our last cry for help. Tomorrow we may be cut off from the Internet and phones. State of emergency may be introduced, and we will be murdered with the global community’s connivance as it seems to only preach European values and not practice them. People have been murdered in Ukraine, and the murders will go on.

We, Ukrainians–members of civic organizations and peaceful protesters from Kyiv and all of Ukraine–urge the global community, the world’s governments, diplomats, and international organizations to take strong action in order to us preserve peace and civic rights in this part of Europe. We need your assistance in order to stop this brutish and treacherous war started by the government against their own nation.

What the riot police and other law enforcement official do to the protestors is utterly inadequate. The police openly violates human rights, in particular, by using firearms and water-throwers against the protestors. At least five people were shot dead by police snipers or tortured to death by the government’s officers. Many more are missing and not found yet. Hundreds of people were severely injured by the riot police, among them dozens of journalists and doctors whom the Berkut shots on purpose, usually aiming for the eyes. Police officers kidnap injured people right out of hospitals as hostages and torture and humiliate them. However, despite all the terror applies by the government to the people, there is only one hot spot and the protest remains essentially peaceful.

For two months the government has been answering to the peaceful protest with violence. The current streaks of radicalism in Kyiv is the result of the enforcement structures’ brutal treatment of the students’ peaceful demonstration on November 30 and protesters on December 1; the lack of the government’s response to the demands of the protesters; regular repressions against civic activists all across Ukraine; and the repressive laws passed by show hands. Elements of violence on the part of the protesters only started after the Ukrainians’ right for peaceful protest, freedom of press and freedom of press and fair trial were cancelled.

Tyranny established in the form of non-legitimate laws gives the government formal grounds for using force against the peaceful demonstration on Maidan. It can result in even a greater bloodshed, and state of emergency may be introduced. A scenario like this is beneficial for Russia that is interested in the atrocities in Ukraine. If this scenario prevails, a new Russia-controlled formation like Belarus or Transnistria may appear on the EU’s border.

We appeal for you to act and not only make statements.

Demand that President and Cabinet of Ministers should stop violence carried out by enforcement officers and government-controlled bandits.

Arrive to Ukraine, study the situation from the inside and act as intermediaries in the government-people talks to solve the crisis.

Send observer missions to Ukraine in order to prevent dictatorship, protect human rights and preserve European democratic values in Ukraine.

Use personal sanctions against all who are involved in the violation of human rights in Ukraine; to ban such persons them from entering to democratic countries and block their bank accounts; and to start procedural audits aimed at investigating money-laundering by these persons.

Ukrainians stand united in their view of the country’s future where every individual feels safe and can freely exercise their rights. We are a civilized people taken hostage by the barbarians in our government. Yanukovich was elected in the democratic way, but his initial powers as President were restricted. In a short term he illegitimately changed the Constitution for his own benefit and usurped power. We never elected him on this kind of terms.

Please, help us!

We have evidence of violence used by the government against people of Ukraine.

Euromaidan Civil Sector Press Centre
068 944 63 88
# Євромайдан SOS