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Announcement by Speak Up! about London Rally on 9 December

posted 9 Dec 2011, 00:55 by Rights in Russia   [ updated 9 Dec 2011, 01:10 ]
"Rally for Fair Elections". Friday 9th December from 5pm to 8pm.

Organiser: Speak Up! - Andrei Sidelnikov (

Elections to the State Duma took place on 4 December 2011.

Our movement, Speak Up!, has spoken out against voting for Kremlin-controlled parties. But the Russian regime has even taken votes away from its own pocket parties. Each day in Russia, especially in Moscow, protest rallies are attracting thousands of people. The police are beating demonstrators and sending them to prison.

We must say ‘No!’ to the violations of our rights by the government! We want free and fair elections! We want to see a free and democratic country!

We call on civic activists and Russian citizens living in London to come to the Russian embassy on Friday, 9 December, and express your opposition to the regime established by Vladimir Putin.

Our demands:
1. Annul the results of the State Duma elections and set new elections for 4 March.
2. Prosecute those officials responsible for electoral fraud.

3. Set new presidential elections for no earlier than 6 months after the parliamentary elections. Until this time, the current president will remain as acting president.
4. Over one month the Ministry of Justice should register all parties denied registration over the past five years. Implement the decision of the European Court of Human Rights on restoring the registration of the Republican Party of Russia.
5. Eliminate government censorship in all federal media since this is in contradiction with the Constitution, and also the informal ban on freedom of assembly.

The rally will begin at 17.00.

We know that many of you are working, but come after work, will shall be there into the evening.
Our slogans: Free and Fair Elections in a Free Country!
Russia without Putin! Freedom of Political Prisoners! Putin must resign!
Join us!

Speak Up! 
Contact: Andrei Sidelnikov (