Person of the Week: Ildar Dadin

posted 14 Dec 2015, 05:05 by Rights in Russia   [ updated 14 Dec 2015, 06:32 ]
On 7 December 2015 peaceful protestor Ildar Dadin was sentenced to three years in jail by a Moscow court for repeated anti-government street protests under a 2014 law. Amnesty International reports that Ildar Dadin is the first person to be jailed using the 2014 law and has called for his immediate release. The International Federation for Human Rights (FIDH) and its member organisation Memorial Anti-Discrimination Centre also strongly condemned the sentence. In a statement they pointed out: 'Ildar Dadin is famous for organising stand-alone protests holding banners with inscriptions criticizing Russia’s government policies. In a blatant violation of the right to peaceful assembly, Ildar Dadin is the first activist to be handed down a heavy sentence under the new anti-protest legislation.'

Memorial Human Rights Centre has declared Ildar Dadin a political prisoner.

Pavel Chikov has commented on the sentencing of Ildar Dadin: 'This first trial has shown that the penalty for participating in public protest has become prohibitive and clearly unjust. The government’s actions are increasingly losing legitimacy in the eyes of those against whom they are directed. Protesters, in turn, are winning moral support, sympathy and solidarity.'

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Photo of Ildar Dadin via Sarah Hurst