Person of the Week: Ildar Dadin

posted 4 Apr 2016, 07:44 by Rights in Russia   [ updated 4 Apr 2016, 07:55 ]
On 31 March 2016 a Moscow court rejected Ildar Dadin’s appeal against his 3-year prison sentence under an anti-protest law. The sentence was reduced by 6 months. As Halya Coynash, writing on Human Rights in Ukraine, reports: 'Judge Natalya Borisova from the Moscow City Court had rejected Dadin’s application to be present in court, and his final words were spoken by video link from the SIZO [remand prison].'

Halya Coynash quotes Ildar Dadin's words to the Court as follows: 

' “I am here because I live in accordance with my conscience”, he said. “Until you come out and state your position, you are an accomplice to fascism. If we don’t catch our officials in the act, if we allow executioners to kill people, we are responsible”. He called the sentence anti-constitutional, unlawful, unwarranted and criminal.'

Genri Reznik, who is representing Ildar Dadin, pointed out that 'putting a peaceful demonstrator behind bars is a blow to the country’s prestige.' Halya Coynash in her report quotes Reznik as saying: ' “This case is of state importance. Will the state tolerate the peaceful assertion of views? There is no place for peaceful demonstrators behind bars. It is an affront to the law".'

In a statement issued on 7 December 2015 following Dadin's initial conviction, Amnesty International called for his immediate release, and stated: “The shocking sentencing of Ildar Dadin shows that the Russian authorities are using the law on public assemblies to fast-track peaceful protesters to prison.”

Photo: Human Rights in Ukraine [the placard reads: 'Be silent. When tomorrow they come for you, the next person will be silent.']

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