Nizhny Novgorod: Banner addressing Nemtsov's killers removed by police

posted 5 Mar 2015, 06:01 by Rights in Russia   [ updated 5 Mar 2015, 06:05 ]
In Nizhny Novgorod, businessman and civic activist German Knyazev hung a banner on the front of his office at 226, Gorky Street in the city centre with an appeal to those who killed Boris Nemtsov: "Who will you kill next to overcome your own chimeras?" reports that Knyazev has posted a photo of the banner on his Facebook page. (Source:

Meduza reports that German Knyazev hung out the banner on 4 March. The police removed it during the night. German Knyazev is now being investigated for extremism. (Source: Meduza)

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