Galina Arapova: 'Defending human rights is of paramount importance. [...] Simply put, it’s our life’

posted 28 Sep 2016, 13:39 by Rights in Russia   [ updated 28 Sep 2016, 13:42 ]
‘Recognition in one’s profession means a great deal. Needless to say it carries even more weight when we are dealing with work that is of significant public interest and involves a heightened degree of danger. Defending human rights is exactly such work in many regions of the world, including Russia. But I implore you to keep on doing it. It is of paramount importance - it’s not just years of hard work, it’s both victories and disappointments, threats, solidarity, trust in the values we defend. Simply put, it’s our life.’

- Galina Arapova, senior media lawyer and director of the NGO, Mass Media Defence Centre, Voronezh, on receiving the 2016 International Bar Association human rights award

'Russian media lawyer Galina Arapova receives IBA Human Rights Award 2016,' International Bar Association, 26 September 2016