"It seems scary, but it is a situation which you control, and if something goes wrong it is your fault, whereas in the ordinary life down below, anything can happen to you because you have little or no control of this ordinary life" - Artem Lakhtionov, skywalker

posted 31 Jan 2013, 02:32 by Rights in Russia   [ updated 31 Jan 2013, 02:40 ]
Artyom Lakhtionov, is a college photography student and skywalker quoted in an article in the Los Angeles Times: Sergei Loiko, 'Russian skywalkers look upward for escape', Los Angeles Times, 28 January 2013

From the LA Times article by Sergei Loiko: "They have discovered a world where no rules or laws apply, where they can be heroes, if only for a few terrifying minutes. They are skywalkers, or roofers, as they proudly call themselves. The craze, which is believed to have started a few years back with a couple of young Russians, now has hundreds of followers here and thousands of others around the globe. It works this way: The roofers climb a skyscraper, a construction crane, a tall monument, a tower or a bridge. When they get to the top, they balance themselves — sometimes on the tiniest of ledges — and take a lurch-in-the-stomach picture of the view hundreds of feet below. Then they post it on the Internet."