Ivan Pavlov: 'The goal should be to preserve civic activities — and that is possible'

posted 29 Apr 2015, 23:52 by Rights in Russia   [ updated 30 Apr 2015, 00:01 ]
"We are lawyers, we understand that non-profit organizations are a merely one way of implementing civic activities. The most important thing now is to make people who have got used to working in the format of a non-profit organization realize that it is not the main thing. Preserving a non-profit organization should not be the goal, or an end in itself. The goal should be to preserve civic activities — and that is possible. We have reformatted our activities. We do not deny for a minute that we are getting out from under the jurisdiction of the legislation on non-profit organizations and foreign agents. We now have a commercial organization. We recently created a non-profit organization abroad, which is not subject to the law on ‘foreign agents.’ And we will continue what we were doing.”

- Ivan Pavlov, head of Team 29, was founder and long-time chair of the board of the St. Petersburg-based NGO Freedom of Information Foundation which was put on the list of 'foreign agent' NGOs on 28 August 2014 and ceased its activities in January 2015. 

Source: Sergey Chernov, 'Persecuted Russian Lawyer Finds New Ways Around Foreign Agents Label,' The Moscow Times, 28 April 2015