Sergei Nikitin: "Russia will be free; the question is when, and at what price?"

posted 9 Mar 2015, 01:54 by Rights in Russia   [ updated 9 Mar 2015, 01:55 ]
"I see a tragic symbolism in the killing of one of the most active advocates of freedom in Russia on the very same bridge where, just a year ago, seven Directors of European sections of Amnesty International stood in a picket demanding freedom of peaceful assembly. But it is encouraging that there are still people who are not frightened – many thousands of people who are not scared to walk down the Kremlin bridge in silent protest; who are not scared to protect human rights despite hysterical accusations about them being “foreign agents”, spies, and traitors; who are not scared to speak truth to power in blogs, articles or interviews with the handful of surviving independent media outlets. They all understand that this spring has opened a season when one can easily be attacked and even be killed for speaking their minds. The brave people in Russia may still be a tiny minority for such a huge country. But the mere fact that they do exist, and their enthusiasm, charisma and self-confidence, gives me hope in these dark days. Russia will be free; the question is when, and at what price? The alternative is that spring may turn straight into winter."

- Sergei Nikitin, director of Amnesty Internaitonal's Moscow Office

Source: Sergei Nikitin, 'Don’t let spring turn into winter in Russia', Amnesty International, 6 March 2015