Andrei Zavadski: "Fear of the Other is the main glue, the main currency of our lauded 'stability' today"

posted 20 Dec 2016, 06:15 by Rights in Russia   [ updated 20 Dec 2016, 06:18 ]
'Fear of the Other is the main glue, the main currency of our lauded “stability” today. [...] We evidently need to overcome this idea of the alien Other by learning about what we don’t understand and by institutionalising mutual communication. The best time for this in the last 30 years was the 90s. For some people, this was a time of economic and geopolitical disaster and crime on the rampage; for others, a period of freedom, openness and unlimited opportunity. But it was undoubtedly a decade of encounters with the Other – the new, the puzzling, the unknown. That was when we should have learned to live with this Other. But we blew our chance: we didn’t have time, we didn’t know how, we couldn’t convince our co-citizens,hungry and between jobs, of the importance of coming to terms with the past and overcoming their historical fear. The current swathe of media projects delving into the memory of that free decade and reassessing its official labelling as “reckless” is trying, among other things, to renew that process.' 

- Andrei Zavadski, journalist, researcher at Free University of Berlin, co-founder of Public History Laboratory (Moscow)

Picture: MGIMO

Andrei Zavadski, 'We’re all strangers here,' OpenDemocracy, 19 December 2016