For Human Rights: "Karelia's Torture Prisons"

posted 15 Feb 2017, 12:34 by Rights in Russia   [ updated 15 Feb 2017, 12:44 ]
Moscow, 2017

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Information about torture in the Republic of Karelia appeared in public on November 1, 2016, after Ildar Dadin’s letter was published on the Meduza website. 

In fact, there were plenty of reports about torture prisons in Karelia even before Ildar’s letter. The “For Human Rights” movement has over a dozen complaints, including public ones (a letter from prisoner Sabitov, an open letter from Roman Vatanen and so on). 

Currently several dozen prisoners who report torture are being held in Karelia prisons. The reports are coming from at least three institutions: IK-7, IK-1 and LIU-4. 

Lawyers acting in the interests of the prisoner victims have registered their evidence in the form of lawyers’ questions. In this pamphlet we publish excerpts from the letters, complaints and lawyers’ questions which contain the evidence of prisoners who are currently serving their sentences in IK-7, IK-1 and LIU-4 in the Republic of Karelia. 

Furthermore, the prisoners complain that questioning by investigators about these complaints takes place in the presence of the prison service employees about whom the complaints were written. 

The prisoners say they would like to give evidence to an investigator in private. Additionally, the prisoners say that they previously complained more than once about torture to local employees of the prosecutor’s office, specifically I.A. Khrapchenkov and A. Ivlev, but the employees of the prosecutor’s office did nothing. [to read more, see attached file]

Translated by Sarah Hurst
Rights in Russia,
15 Feb 2017, 12:41