Golos on the elections: Main news of the week: 16 — 22 October

posted 21 Oct 2017, 07:57 by Rights in Russia   [ updated 21 Oct 2017, 08:01 ]

20 October 2017 

Source: Golos 

The results of the “single voting day” on 19 September showed that the new system of voting based on a person’s location is imperfect and needs adjustment. Golos has prepared proposals on how to improve the procedure, to make the process more transparent and open.

Golos expert Vasilyh Vaisenberg discovered that the results of the elections in one of the Moscow districts, Strogino, might be annulled. Judges, however, continue to avoid hearing the lawsuits.

Golos has investigated what machines will be used for the automatic reading of voting papers in the presidential elections. We explain why it will be necessary nonetheless to monitor them closely.

Last Sunday, on 16 October, elections were held in five regions. In Leningrad region, all the candidates from the Our Village voting bloc were elected. You can read about how the voting took place in our report.

Based on the results of the whole election cycle, five weeks after the “single voting day”, United Russia has only strengthened its lead. Read our weekly report about the competition in local elections.

Next Sunday elections will be held in three regions, with 18 candidates taking part. 

News about elections

Head of the Central Electoral Commission Ella Pamfilova explained the role of the Commission in the recent retirements of governors — Interfax

Pamfilova proposes to put election law into practice — ТАSS

Pamfilova: Navalny can stand in elections after 2028 — ТАSS 

Kuban Electoral Commission refused to hold a referendum on the reinstitution of direct elections of heads of municipalities. However, activists,intend to submit a repeat request — Golos

St. Petersburg Electoral Commission is taking the city’s Vladimir district municipality to court— Kommersant

The Sverdlovsk Charter Court rejected a request to reinstitute direct mayoral elections in Degtyarsk — Regnum 


The Kremlin has definitively decided not to allow Navalny to take part in the upcoming presidential elections — ВВС

Kseniya Sobchak announced she will run in the presidential elections — Vedomost