Golos: Main News of the Week: 11 — 17 June 2018

posted 2 Jul 2018, 03:17 by Rights in Russia   [ updated 2 Jul 2018, 03:24 ]
15 June 2018

Source: Golos 

Golos on the elections

Systematic planning has started for elections, which will be held on a single voting day on 9th September 2018. The Central Electoral Commission (CEC) has announced how much their budget is (630 million roubles), how they plan on spending it (although they plan to spend significantly less) and who can vote and how.

On the single day of voting, 22 heads of regions will be elected. In addition, 16 legislative assemblies will also host elections on a local level for a total of more than 30 000 seats. We will observe all these elections.

The scandal in Serpukhov, Moscow region, has not gone away. In the run up to the trial, the regional head Aleksandr Shestun, who had complained to the President about pressure from the FSB, was remanded in custody for two months. According to the investigation, Shestun is being charged with illegal transfer of land. We have investigated when fresh elections for a new head of the district will take place and whether Aleksandr Shestun will be able to participate.

The OSCE Office for Democratic Institutions and Human Rights has prepared its own report on the results of the presidential campaign. We examine the recommendations which specialists have given to Russia to develop a system of competitive and fair elections.

We have not yet finished studying the materials from the presidential elections - we continue to look for volunteers who will help us to review video footage from the polling stations. We have already discovered cases in which turnout was exaggerated by factors ranging from three to five. But thousands of recordings still await careful study. We need your help.


Editor in chief of Nezavisimaya gazeta to head up Sobyanin’s election campaign— RBK

Authorities decide to not allow Krasovsky, Yashin or Gudkov to run for Moscow mayoral elections— Rain

Proposals for location of polling stations in Moscow region for the Moscow mayoral elections will be collected on three websites— TASS

Sergei Kirienko begins to prepare vice governors for elections— Kommersant

The expert council of the Higher Attestation Commission has recommended that the head of the Central Election Commission of Bashkiria be deprived of his academic degree — Kommersant

Golos Blogs

How the courts continue to convict for calls to boycott elections: Irina Maltseva writes about the case of the Ivanovo region.

In addition, Golos activists, who are working as journalists, observed the United Russia internal party voting in Rostov region, and who took part in it. The primaries are not regulated by electoral legislation, but they allow us to understand what is happening in the party, which remains the main player in elections at every level.

Translated by Chloe Tennant