Golos News Digest 10 – 16 December 2018

posted 23 Dec 2018, 13:11 by Rights in Russia   [ updated 23 Dec 2018, 13:23 ]
14 February 2018


Golos on Falsifications in Balashikha

Falsifiers among us – a shocking story about decency and the whims of fate. After our last call to action for help in identifying the merry-go-rounders, and the publication of the investigation into falsifying in Balashikha, an experienced observer discovered, to her horror, people she knew on the video. They were stuffing ballots and covering for each other. We now know their names.

However, the overwhelming majority of the fraudsters are still unidentified. Volunteers have created a large database of falsifiers and we continue to wait for your help in working out their identity.

Tatiana Yurasova, the author of the Novaya Gazeta investigation, has prepared a broader version of her work, especially for Golos. In the first part, she details how it was possible to work out that merry-go-rounders were at work in Balashikha and how volunteers worked analysing the videos.

You too can join them and uncover the criminals for yourselves. Sign up, a huge amount of material from polling stations is awaiting viewers. We’re hoping that the security services don’t ignore the irrefutable mass falsifications that have taken place in Zheleznodorozhny and Balashikha.

Golos on Primorye

Interesting elections in Primorye await us next Sunday as for the third-time governor elections will take place. The second round was cancelled and the new main candidate, communist Andrey Ishchenko, was not allowed to take part. Observers also experienced difficulties when trying to get into polling stations. Therefore, we have reason to believe that the falsifying continues. Golos experts can get a hold on things even in the most difficult of circumstances and will explain what to do moving forward. Here we detail who to get in touch with. We will continue to monitor the situation and explain things in our election day timeline. Remember, falsifiers are afraid of being unmasked.

Golos on the Future

The selection of candidates via the Gosuslug (State Service) portal and voting online – experts on electoral law, IT specialists and Central Election Committee representatives discussed the future of the electoral system in Russia at a working breakfast organised by Golos. We’ve collated 10 talking points on digital elections which were discussed during the sessions.

As we come into the new year we invite you to also think about what awaits us – take part in our traditional expert survey and tell us which events from the electoral cycle of 2018 you remember and what you think we should focus on in the new year.


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Our Bloggers

A new council has appeared at the Central Electoral Committee – the scientific expert council. Its members gathered together to discuss future work. Arkady Lyubarev explains what they spoke about.

We published Ilya Shablinsky’s speech which he gave to the Council of Human Rights under the President. The transmission isn’t up yet and the version you’ll see won’t include these words but the professor’s words struck us as important.

Translation by Matthew Quigley