Golos: Main News of the Week: 13 — 19 November 2017

posted 20 Nov 2017, 08:57 by Rights in Russia   [ updated 20 Nov 2017, 09:04 ]

17 November 2017 

Source: Golos 

Golos on elections

Golos has proposed a root and branch review of the means of financing public associations. We believe that citizens should decide for themselves what to support, sending part of their tax payment (0,5% of personal income tax) to fund specific public associations – be it a party, a religious association or another non-profit.

We point out that on 9 and 10 December in Moscow the fourth National Forum of Election Monitors will be held. If you would like to take part in this event, now is the time to apply.

Last week, activists from Golos monitored elections in Pskov, Voronezh and Altai regions. For the first time since the Single Voting Day, a candidate from the Yabloko party took part in elections and immediately met with success. He will head the Gdovsk district in Pskov region. There was evidence of violations at these elections. Monitors registered instances of bribery.

In Zarinsk, where a legislative assembly was elected, electoral commissions became confused about how to count votes in a single-mandate voting district. A Golos activist has written аn article about these elections and about how the residents of Zarinsk live and what they talk about.

Throughout the election day on 12 November we monitored what happened.

Next Sunday, representatives of Golos will monitor the conduct of the Single Day of Referendums in Tatarstan. On that day, 872 local referendums will be held simultaneously on self-assessment taxation. In previous years we observed an interesting tendency. Where Golos activists were present, the question at issue was voted down. But where no activists from Golos were present, voters voted in favour of additional taxes. It seems to us that something here is not right. We shall check our hypothesis during election monitoring this year, and we shall report online about everything that seems to us to be interesting.

Elections in the news

The symbol of the Russian state will henceforth be legally displayed at elections — Golos

A Golos coordinator has become a member of the electoral commission of Voronezh region — Golos

The Federation Council has proposed not to let foreigners “anywhere near” polling stations — Meduza

Central Electoral Commission: people with current criminal records for serious offences cannot stand as candidate for president — ТАSS

The Just Russia party has proposed that the collection of voters’ signatures should be permitted electronically — ТАSS

Ex-deputy of the city assembly of Biysk, and a former deputy mayor of the “science-city,” Andrei Nagaitsev, will not stand as a candidate in the presidential elections — Bankfaks

In Astrakhan a local resident has been found guilty of falsifying election documents — Investigative Committee


Putin has made up has mind about taking part in the elections, the campaign will be short — RBK 

Aleksei Kudrin has joined Putin's informal election campaign headquarters — Vedomosti 

Kseniya Sobchak will be a candidate from Civic Initiative if the party's congress confirms her candidacy — Rosbalt

Our Bloggers

Stanislav Shevchenk has written about life and the elections in Zarinsk

Natalia Baranova, a member of a local electoral commission explains how both voters and members of electoral commissions can be tricked.