Golos: News Digest for the week 22-28 April 2019

posted 8 May 2019, 10:13 by Rights in Russia   [ updated 8 May 2019, 10:21 ]
28 April 2019

Everything you need to know about last week’s elections

The municipal filter- eliminating competition in St. Petersburg. Public overseers were left horrified, having calculated how many voter signatures needed to be collected by gubernatorial candidates in St. Petersburg (even taking leniency into account). Nobody will be able to compete with the United Russia party unless urgent measures are introduced to liberalise legislation. "Golos" and "Petersburg Observers" have been forced to release a joint statement.

The influence of observers in Odintsovo.

We have already seen the magic power of the observer in other areas — and here is a new example, from the Moscow region. Libertarian party activists calculated how their presence at polling stations affected the turnout and results for the "United Russia" party.

Electoral protest in Balakhninsky

Were there instances of bribery in Balakhna? Where were these coming from? Everything you wanted to know about the legislative Assembly elections in the Nizhny Novgorod region, compiled into one interesting report by our united team of independent supervisors.


An appeal to nullify the results of the gubernatorial elections in Vladivostok has been rejected— PrimaMedia

The Altai Krai regional court has refused to recognise the gubernatorial elections as illegal— Golos

Our Bloggers

The defeat of "United Russia" in Altai: what happened?

Stanislav Shevchenko reports on the elections in the Shelabolikha district, where the opposition came together, then fell out with one another, but still managed to displace the incumbent party.

“For Zelensky!” оr “Who are all these people?”

Elections took place in the Bobrovsky district of the Voronezh region on April 21st – but few constituents knew it. At the time, discussions on television were focussed on the presidential elections in neighbouring Ukraine, according to this brilliant and surreal report by Vladislav Khodakovsky, which contains some great dialogues.

Lights out 

Voting came to a standstill in the Astrakhan region following a power cut, which prevented the polling station’s electronic ballot boxes from functioning. Golos coordinator Arslang Tavkhayev explains how the commission resolved the issue. 

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Translated by James Lofthouse