Golos: Main News of the Week 20 - 26 November 2017

posted 26 Nov 2017, 23:23 by Rights in Russia   [ updated 26 Nov 2017, 23:38 ]
24 November 2017 

Source: Golos

Golos on elections

The numbers tell that there was no real competition in the elections for heads of regions that took place on the Single Voting Day this year. Golos has analyzed candidates’ financial accounts. We discovered that the independent candidates did not spend money on the election campaign, and in some cases United Russia even helped its opponents.

Journalists and civil society activists discussed the future of independent election monitoring at a conference organized jointly by the Central Electoral Commission and the Russian Foundation for Free Elections. We have brought together the main points of view expressed.

Also this week, almost everyone was commenting on the scandalous local referendums on self-assessment taxation in Tatarstan. Representatives of Golos were among those present at the polling stations. We observed that it was "acceptable" for one person to vote for a whole family, using all kinds of ID documents - except their internal passports. We even had to remind those officiating that such behaviour, both by voters and by representatives of the electoral commission, can result in prosecution under both administrative and criminal law.

We have produced a chronological account of the events of this exciting day.

The coordinator of the network of Golos’ regional branches, Vitaly Averin, returned from Tatarstan so impressed by what he saw that he has prepared an illustrated report showing the importance of election observers, and how their presence helps to debunk the myths of huge turnouts.

You can read how voting went off in other regions in our regular weekly report.

Elections in the news

A court has begun hearing the case of alleged falsification of elections in Moscow’s Timiryazevsky district — Golos

Marina Radaeva, principal of a school in Saratov involved in a scandal, has been dismissed —  Svobodnye novosti

The legislative assembly of Krasnodar region has rejected a proposal to hold a referendum on the reinstitution of direct elections for the heads of municipal districts — Regnum

Moscow region legislative assembly has agreed to allow voters to sign lists of signatures in support of candidates on behalf of people with disabilities — ТАSS

The European Court of Human Rights will consider reports of electoral fraud in Voronezh that allegedly took place during the State Duma elections — Vremya Voronezha

The prosecutor’s office in Irkutsk confirmed the illegality of the dismissal of school principals after the elections  — Тaiga,info


A judge of the Constitutional Court has spoken out in support of allowing those given suspended sentences to take part in elections — Кommеrsant

The coordination council headed by Sergei Kirienko has announced the winners of the 2017 presidential grants -  Kоmmеrsant

Our bloggers

The Central Electoral Commission hosted a conference co-organized with the Russian Foundation for Free Elections. Arkady Liubarev has written about what the experts discussed, and also suggests that we try to remember if there ever has been any harm from independent election monitoring. 

Golos board member Vitaly Kovin explains to those who may doubt it, why it is important for everyone to know about the “special election culture” that exists in Tatarstan. 

What methods are used in the falsification of elections? Coordinator of the Association of Election Monitors of Tatarstan, Asat Gabdulvaleev, investigates electoral fraud.

Deputies from A Just Russia have introduced a bill into the State Duma that would permit signatures in support of election candidates to be collected online. Co-chair of Golos, Grigory Melkonyants, explains why this initiative, that Golos has long supported, is important and useful.

Coordinator of Golos Kseniya Cherepanova points out that Anna Cherepanova, candidate for the post of governor of Novgorod region, tried to obtain the support of elected members of local councils by writing them a letter. She reports on the outcome in her blog.