Golos is looking for volunteers to act as election observers

posted 2 Sep 2019, 05:15 by Translation Service   [ updated 2 Sep 2019, 05:15 ]

21 August 2019

Moscow, St. Petersburg, and dozens of other regions will vote on September 8. These elections are unusual; it has been made clear to citizens that when it comes to fair elections, the candidate-nomination stage is no less important than voting or ballot counting.

The people who decided to prevent independent candidates from participating in the elections will be up against a new problem: protest voting, which can take some unexpected forms. One year ago, residents in four regions voted for candidates other than those supporting the administration in gubernatorial elections from which strong opposition candidates had already been excluded. This prevented the administrative candidates from which strong candidates had been excludedfrom being elected.

This year we may witness a protest vote in elections at all levels. If there aren't any independent monitors at polling stations, we won't know about protest voting, manipulation of turnout, or the real results.

Defend the truth about the elections around us — sign up to be a monitor. We will help with training and documents. If you can't be present at the polling station, monitor the elections online via webcam.

Translated by Nina de Palma