Golos: Main News of the Week 26 August – 1 September 2019

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1 September 2019

Everything you need to know about elections over the past week

“Everything is rotten!”: the election process in Russia in crisis

Experts from the ‘Golos’ movement have analysed the candidate nomination and registration stage of local and regional elections, which will take place in Russia on the 8 September and come to disappointing conclusions. The selection commission has demonstrated its bias and dependence on the authorities; political parties do not reflect the interests of society and basically do not engage with it at all; and competition in the elections has been replaced with forceful pressure on the opposition. http://amp.gs/NYol 

Read the details in an extensive analytical report. http://amp.gs/NYoB

Five problems with the elections in Zabaikal region

The election campaign in the Zabaikal region beats all records in the number of violations. We counted five particularly serious problems that arguably cast doubt on carrying out the elections. http://amp.gs/NYoG

Details in a statement from the movement. http://amp.gs/NYof

Training for observers

‘Golos’ helps community supervisors at all stages. To prepare for the single day of voting, attend our training for beginners and experienced observers, and also for members of the commission with a casting vote.

The training schedule for your city, and educational materials http://amp.gs/NYo9


Queues appeared in the Moscow region on the first day of early voting – ‘Golos’ http://amp.gs/NYok

Successes, failures and shortcomings in the third trial of remote electronic voting in the Moscow City Duma elections – ‘Golos’ http://amp.gs/NYo7

Our bloggers

Navalny’s “smart voting” and Khodorkovsky’s “vote with your heart” – when there are only a few days left before the elections and someone upsets the apple cart, further disorienting the voter. What’s going on, explains Vasilii Vaysenberg. http://amp.gs/NYoP

A certificate of social network accounts as the basis for refusal of registration. In the running for the position of mayor of Ryazan six out of eight candidates were refused. The reasons given by the commission are considered by Maria Zakharova. http://amp.gs/NYog

All animals are equal, but some are more equal, or how selectively investigative bodies approach the investigation of crimes of obstruction to the work of the commission. An example from Krasnodarsk region, where there is a team, FSB search measures, evidence revealing testimonies, videos and photographs, but no criminal case. This is also a human story about how one friend betrayed another for the sake of the state machine. Lawyer Mikhail Benyash reports. http://amp.gs/NYoE

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Translated by Mercedes Malcomson