Golos: Main news of the week 30 September - 6 October 2019

posted 9 Oct 2019, 12:15 by Translation Service   [ updated 9 Oct 2019, 12:22 ]
6 October 2019

Everything you need to know about last week’s elections

Hunting for carousels in St. Petersburg

We already know that there were merry-go-rounds in the elections in St. Petersburg - this was uncovered by observers reviewing video footage from just four polling stations. There were so many instances that we decided to collect short videos with them on a separate page. Every evening we are publishing a new video.

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Moscow Region and Bashkortostan: stuffing and other falsifications

We have continued to study how the elections were held on the voting day. Reports from Bashkortostan and Korolev, the latter of which is near Moscow, suggest the situation was particularly bad including ballot stuffing and fraud relating to home-based voting.

Moscow Elections Analysis

How many people followed Alexei Navalny and participated in “Smart Voting” in the Moscow City Duma elections? Analyst Boris Ovchinnikov suggests the number was about 300,000.

He saw that the voting on election day was not as clean as it may seem: in constituencies 3 and 23, there were obvious signs of fraud. Boris Ovchinnikov’s writing can be found on our website.


Mikhail Veligodsky, ex-head of Golos, killed in Kuban region - Golos

Members of sports clubs associated with the authorities intimidated and assaulted election observers in St. Petersburg - Meduza

Our Bloggers

Arkady Lyubarev, despite being on vacation, is keeping an eye on the Central Election Commission. He watched (albeit in snippets) the broadcast of the meeting of the CEC’s Scientific and Expert Council and made a note of all the key moments.

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Translated by James Lofthouse