Golos: Main News of the Week 4 — 10 December 2017

posted 8 Dec 2017, 09:07 by Rights in Russia   [ updated 8 Dec 2017, 09:12 ]

8 December 2017 

Source: Golos 

Golos on elections

Golos is inviting volunteers to act as monitors at the Moscow Region elections. On 17 December in Klin elections will take place for a Council of Deputies, and you can ensure that the elections are free and fair.

We continue to follow local elections. Representatives of Golos monitored voting in Rostov-on-Don where, on 3 December, by-elections were held for the city Duma. Numerous violations in which people were forced to vote at their homes were uncovered.

Also of interest: in Khakassia candidates from the LDPR won a victory the second week in a row. Although after 11 weeks United Russia continues to hold a decisive lead.

In addition, Golos points out that next Sunday in Moscow the IV Forum of Independent Election Monitors will be held. Experts and representatives of civil society will share experiences and develop general plans. We shall report on what takes place.

The Forum will also feature special awards to “Defenders of Free and Fair Elections.” This year, there will be four recipients of the awards.

Elections in the News

The President ordered proposals to be drawn up based on the report by the Human Rights Council — Golos

The official stamps of 23 polling stations (later this became 37) were found in the possession of a deputy of the Nizhny Novgorod Legislative Assembly — Golos

Samara region electoral commission is to consider whether to permit a referendum on the reinstitution of elections for mayors and deputies — Samru

Chair of the Komi electoral commission Dmitry Mitiushev has been questioned in the case of Elena Shabarshina — BNK 

Police officers have visited the home of a student who complained about unfair elections of school president — Znak.com

Ex-leader of Sverdlovsk region KPRF succeeded in obtaining the annulment of election results — Regnum


Ideal elections: what instructions did the Kremlin give the regions? — RBK

Regions ordered to deal with voters who have “dual residence” registration by the time of presidential elections — Ura.ru

At the Kremlin’s call. Political technologists have been mobilized in the run up to the presidential elections — FederalPress

Central Electoral Commission: monitors must speak out for the territorial integrity of Russia — Kommersant

Our bloggers

Co-chair of Golos, Andrei Buzin, tells how the trial in the case of alleged electoral fraud in Moscow’s Timiryazevsky district is going. The judge was especially concerned about the fact that Andrei Busin, who has a PhD in law, did not have a higher legal education.

Golos activist Stanislav Shevchenko has written a short piece about life and the elections in Altai region.