Golos: Golos: Main news of the week 11-17 November 2019

posted 19 Nov 2019, 11:07 by Translation Service   [ updated 19 Nov 2019, 11:14 ]
17 November 2019

Everything you need to know about last week’s elections

Lawyers for Dummies
Our legal group went to St. Petersburg, where it held a seminar for those who want to achieve justice regarding the September elections, but don’t know how to go about it. Explanations by lawyers can be useful to everyone, so we posted a presentation from the meeting and video broadcast on our site.

We want to hold such events regularly and aim to make them useful.

We are going to Tatarstan
We are arranging two missions to referendums in Tatarstan, because we know about the positive effect that the presence of observers has at the polls. “Golos” has been following the referendums on self-taxation for four years now, and we are convinced that when there are observers at the polling station turnout is lower and voters are not so active in voting to chip in to pay for collective needs. [Translator’s note: ‘self-taxation’ is a theoretically voluntary contribution to one-time expenditure; those who do not want to pay the contribution are often fined.]

Tatarstan is called a “region with a special electoral culture: it requires special monitoring by observers. In Kazan they tried to cancel the results of the elections, reports Idel Realii. We have also talked about this story: in this area the candidate was given a “training version” of the election results document, or that was the name it was given as justification by the regional election commission. 

The missions will take place on 24 November and 8 December, and you can sign up here to join our team. You can also follow the chronicle on election day.

A court in St Petersburg has cancelled the results of the election of municipal deputies in a region where only candidates from United Russia won on 8 September.

Golos Bloggers
The reason why our colleague Roman Udot became the subject of persecution, and what is going on in his case, is a cavalcade of absurdity: lawyer Denis Kunayev attended a meeting at the magistrate’s court.

The new final result in the Rabochyeostrovsky settlement in Karelia has changed the alignment of forces in the elections to the local council. What happened, and how such an error could creep into a QR code, Oleg Ryeut investigates.

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Translated by Anna Bowles