Golos: Main News of the Week 18-24 November 2019

posted 1 Dec 2019, 07:00 by Translation Service   [ updated 1 Dec 2019, 07:52 ]
24 November 2019

Everything you need to know about elections for the past week

Who’s falsifying the case of Roman Udot
Unbelievable and amazing details are coming to light in the case of our colleague Roman Udot. It turns out someone erased videos from the flash drive of the NTV pseudo-journalists, videos which didn’t fit their conception of things and spoke of Roman’s innocence. But we have restored them – see for yourself.

The opening session on that case took place on 18 November; witnesses were heard and arguments from both sides were presented. The “injured parties” averred in all seriousness that they took seriously words about “biting out an Adam’s apple” and were frightened to death. We have gathered the main points for you to know about the position of the parties, no matter how ridiculous it may be.

There will be a new court hearing on 25 November. We know we’re like the little boy who cried wolf, but the decision could be handed down precisely at a moment when there is no one in the court. And it could take place very soon. That’s why we’re asking you once again to come and support Roman and all fighters for honest elections.

25 November, 11 AM, Magistrate’s Court in the Moscow suburb of Khimki.

Alcohol, tea and other methods of neutralizing observers in Korolyov
To ensure victory at the polls in the Moscow suburb of Korolyov, authorities used the holy trinity of electoral fraud: carousels, checking off people as no-shows, and fraud in voting from home. And to keep observers from interfering, the tried to remove them by all means possible: offering hard alcohol and tea, or simply by trying to kindly persuade them to leave the premises after the polling stations had closed.

There have been shocking new details in the mass fraud in Korolyov in the investigation of Tatyana Yurasova. We will strive for the punishment of all participants involved in these crimes.

Invitation to a forum of voluntary observers
“The Forces of Good” will meet in St. Petersburg: the fifth Forum of Volunteer Observers” will take place there 14 December. It is being organized by eight movements of voluntary inspectors. The observer are meeting to discuss problems of the association, methods of fighting fraud, and innovation in the area of elections.

You can also join us – to take part, please fill out this questionnaire.

“Judgment Day”: Why Lyudmila Kuzmina in being prosecuted and what’s happening in her case – Golos

The 15th Case: in Kirov Oblast one more precinct electoral commission member will be tried – Golos

A court has affirmed the legality of a search at the residence of Tatarstan Golos coordinator Mikhail Tikhonov – Golos

This coming Sunday we will follow the elections in Voronezh and Kemerovo oblasts, and also the referendum on self-taxation in Tatarstan. Follow the chronicle on our site and publications on social media.

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Translated by Mark Nuckols