Golos: Main news of the week 16-22 September 2019

posted 23 Sep 2019, 13:03 by Translation Service   [ updated 23 Sep 2019, 13:03 ]
22 September 2019

Everything you need to know about last week’s elections

Election observer assaulted in St. Petersburg.

A video from a polling station in St. Petersburg shows an unknown person punching an independent observer in the stomach. Trying to establish a motive, the video’s viewers began to look through various recordings. Sergei Piskunov investigates.

Speedy home voting

On-site voting is a common method of falsifying results. We don’t have all the details, but some peculiarities have already been uncovered.

Golos discovered that in the Oryol region, the commission spent between 3 and 6 minutes with each voter who opted to vote at home. And that’s just in the Oryol region, where the private sector predominates - that’s to say, the numbers are all the more unrealistic. The local election commission promptly responded to the claims, saying: "We can’t run around the villages with a stopwatch."

Petersburg Observers discovered that at dachas in the Pskov region, 82% of voters chose this method.

Andrei Zayakin, co-founder of Dissernet, wrote in Novaya Gazeta about the use of exit voting as one of the most reliable ways to ensure the desired result.

September 8th Elections 2019: the latest developments. 


The CEC fished out bulletins from Ozero Dolgoye - "Fontanka"

Our Bloggers

Simple calculations made by representatives of the Association of Tatarstan Observers suggest that there were instances of vote falsification. Most likely, we are talking about manipulations with almost 7.5 thousand votes. Dmitry Pervukhin analyses the situation.

Who won the election in Moscow and what is the value of Navalny’s “smart voting”? To answer this question, Andrey Buzin dug a little deeper and looked at how the Moscow election legislation and the results of parties in previous elections changed. You can read more here.

Golos, send in the troops! ”Sergei Piskunov details the events of voting day at a polling station in Kemerovo.

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Translated by James Lofthouse