Institute for Law and Public Policy files amicus curiae brief on request of judge of Russian Constitutional Court

posted 21 Dec 2016, 11:32 by Rights in Russia   [ updated 21 Dec 2016, 11:37 ]
15 December 2016

The Institute for Law and Public Policy, an independent think-tank organization, has filed an amicus curiae brief upon the request of a judge of the Russian Constitutional Court. In the brief, the Institute examined the ECtHR case law on the admissibility of individual applications submitted by a company’s shareholders and on affording them just satisfaction, as well as its case law on levying of public dues (taxes, tax sanctions, administrative charges etc.). Moreover, the Institute examined the possibility of enforcement of the 31 July 2014 ECtHR judgement in accordance with the Constitution of the Russian Federation. The ILPP submissions were presented the Russian Constitutional Court by Grigory Vaypan, Head of Litigation Unit of the Institute, at a hearing on December 15, 2016. See more:

The Institute of Law and Public Policy (ILPP) is an independent, non-profit Russian think-tank organization based in Moscow. For 24 years, ILPP has been one of the leading Russian expert centers in the sphere of comparative constitutional and international legal research and the development of advanced legal education. The mission of ILPP is, in particular, to perform and support research activities in the field of constitutional, comparative, and international law; to develop respect for the rule of law and liberal-democratic values in Russia; to facilitate Russia's integration into the international legal community; and to promote international and inter-regional legal policy dialogues; The Institute has successfully completed more than 120 national and international projects with the focus – among other areas – on constitutional review and access to justice.

Since 2013 the ILPP has extensive experience with the Russian Constitutional Court, European Court of Human Rights and UN Human Rights Committee, and is currently pursuing a long-term project on strategic litigation in constitutional matters in Russia, the purpose of which is to strengthen the role of the constitutional justice system in Russia, raise the level of human rights protection, and improve the capacity of civil society groups to engage in strategic litigation before the Constitutional Court.

The ILPP produces two periodicals – “Sravnitelnoe Konstitutsionnoe Obozrenie” (Comparative Constitutional Review) (since 1993) and “Mezhdunarodnoe Pravosudie” (International Justice) (since 2011). Since 2009 the ILPP has been a member of the International Association of Constitutional Law (IACL) representing a network of Russian constitutional lawyers internationally.