Moscow Helsinki Group: Award Winners for Defending Human Rights in 2018

posted 23 May 2018, 13:04 by Rights in Russia   [ updated 23 May 2018, 13:09 ]
11 May 2018 

Oyub Titiev, director of the Grozny office of the Memorial Human Rights Centre, received a Moscow Helsinki Group Award for bravery shown in defending human rights.

For his historic contribution to the defence of human rights and to the human rights movement, a MHG Award was given to Yury Dmitriev, historian and head of the Karelian section of the Memorial society.

Timur Shaov, author, satirist, poet and musician, received a MHG Award for defending human rights through the arts and culture.

For furthering human rights values through her work as an independent journalist, Vera Vasilieva became the recipient of a MHG Award.

Viktoria Gromova, a human rights activist from Vladimir, a member of the International Human Rights Movement, a trainer for the International School for Human Rights and Civic Action, and one of the founders of the United Group of Public Observers (OGON), received a MHG Award for her contribution to human rights education and furthering human rights traditions among young people.

For defending human rights in the courts, Arseny Levinson, lawyer for the human rights initiative, Citizen and Army, received a MHG Award.

Natalya Taubina, director of the Public Verdict Foundation, joined the Award winners for her achievements in the development and management of human rights organizations.

For her actions in defending the social rights and interests of local communities, a MHG Award was given to Liubov Moseeva-Ele, a human rights activist from Kaluga.

Valentin Gefter, director of the Institute for Human Rights, received a MHG Award for his expert and scientific contributions in the human rights sphere.

For services to the defence of the rights of prisoners and other vulnerable groups, a MHG Award was given to Liudmila Alpern, a psychologist and psychoanalyst, and a researcher on prisons.

Those nominated for the MHG’s Honorary diplomas for ‘A historic contribution to the defence of human rights and the human rights movement’ included Bjorn Engeland, the general secretary of the Norwegian Helsinki Committee; Professor Bill Bowring, president of the European Association of Lawyers for Democracy and Human Rights; and Jennifer Gaspar, director of the programme for the support of civil society of the CEELI Institute.

The Moscow Helsinki Group Award ceremony took place at Moscow's Teatr.doc on 12 May – on the anniversary of the setting up, in 1974, of the Public Group to Further Implementation of the Helsinki Agreements in the USSR – the Moscow Helsinki Group.

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Translated by Mary McAuley