Open Russia: Weekly Human Rights Newsletter

posted 22 Dec 2017, 10:20 by Rights in Russia   [ updated 22 Dec 2017, 10:37 ]
22 December 2017

"Open Russia’s Human Rights project was set up to provide legal support to people whom the government is persecuting for their opinions, as well as their social and political activity. The initiative offers emergency legal support in cases where there is clearly a political motive. In such cases where our resources are insufficient for legal support, we take part in information campaigns in support of the victims and their families." Source: Open Russia

Season’s greetings! 

Roskomnadzor (the Russian communications watchdog) has now blocked all websites connected with Open Russia. Nevertheless, we’re still here and we’ll continue to work as usual. This month: court cases, more detentions and appeals — just another day in the life of Open Russia’s Human Rights team.

Open Russia Lawyer Sergei Badamshin Appeals to ECHR For Police Inaction Over Assaulted Sociologist - 12 December,  Moscow
A year ago, a group of unidentified men attacked and injected Sergey Mokhov, a writer for the magazine “The Archaeology of Russian Death”, with an unknown substance due to which he lost consciousness. No criminal proceedings have been opened against the attackers, and all appeals to the law enforcement agencies have been flatly ignored. Mokhov has associated his attack with his research into the funeral business.

Court Overturns Case On People Detained For Laying Flowers On Political Repression Memorial - 15 December, Ulyanovsk
On October 7 Alena Shtykina went with her supporters to lay flowers on a memorial to victims of political repression. The police viewed what was happening as an ‘unsanctioned event’ due to the presence of a number of Alexey Navalny supporters. They were later fined as a result. An Open Russia lawyer managed to successfully get the case overturned.

Three Questioned At Moscow Court Over Mikhail Galyashkin Case - 18 December, Moscow
Mikhail Galyashkin stands accused of throwing a can of gas in the face of an officer of the National Guard while crowds were being dispersed at a peaceful anti-corruption demonstration on June 12. In court the officers admitted to using physical force against activists, and that they did not witness the moment that the gas was deployed.

Pussy Riot’s Maria Alekhina Detained Outside FSB Headquarters Along With Photographer And Journalist - 20 December, Moscow
Police officers detained Alekhina as she held up a banner saying “Happy Birthday Executioners!” to mark the birthday of the Russian Secret Police. Two photographers who were present on the scene were also detained. A journalist was also later detained outside the FSB headquarters for covering a demonstration by the “Decommunisation” movement. They were later released from the police station, while Alekhina and one photographer were forced to stay the night until a court appearance was arranged.