Open Russia: Weekly Human Rights Report

posted 18 Jun 2018, 14:43 by Rights in Russia   [ updated 18 Jun 2018, 14:44 ]
15 June 2018

"Open Russia’s Human Rights project was set up to provide legal support to people whom the government is persecuting for their opinions, as well as their social and political activity. The initiative offers emergency legal support in cases where there is clearly a political motive. In such cases where our resources are insufficient for legal support, we take part in information campaigns in support of the victims and their families." Source: Open Russia

Hello everyone! It’s Open Russia’s human rights team here.  This week we have a criminal case for an online blog post, a fine for a peaceful lone picket and some other startling news in the world of human rights in Russia. 

Let’s take a look at this week’s news:

Linguist Raided And Interrogated By Anti-Extremism Police For Livejournal Post


Alexey Kasyan, a member of the Faculty of Linguistics at the Russian Academy of Sciences, was raided and his girlfriend interrogated for a post he wrote on his Livejournal blog.  The investigation concluded that Kasyan wrote a post on the popular blog-website which, according to “experts”, was deemed to be extremist in nature. 

Criminal Case For Inscription On World Cup Sign Dropped


Moscow State University student Dmitry Petelin has been fined 1500 rubles for ‘mild hooliganism’ for an inscription he made on a World Cup 2018 sign in Moscow bearing the words “This isn’t a Fan Zone”.  The authorities had previously opened up a criminal case against Petelin, but our lawyers managed to file an appeal to the prosecutor, showing that the inscription Petelin made did not constitute a criminally punishable offence.  On June 9 the criminal case was dropped. 


Activist Fined For Lone Picket

Moscow. June 9

Co-chairman of the worker’s union “University Solidarity” Andronik Arutyunov was detained and left in a cell overnight, later receiving a 20,000 ruble fine.  Andronik had been undertaking a lone picket in support of Dmitry Petelin, the Moscow State University student detained for an inscription he made on a World Cup sign.

Navalny Demonstrator Faces Fourth Month In Arbitrary Detention


Konstantin Saltykov, accused of using force against a police officer during the “Voter Boycott” demonstrations earlier this year, has once again been put under arrest.  This is the fourth month he has spent in a detention centre, and throughout this time no investigative actions have taken place in support of the prosecution.