Team 29: A New KGB and Isolation of RuNet

posted 30 Jan 2019, 12:06 by Rights in Russia   [ updated 30 Jan 2019, 12:08 ]
25 January 2019


This is Kolya Ovchinnikov.  All this week, I’ve been working with a small team of designers on some games that you’ll definitely play at some point.  One thing I’m sure of is that this spring, you’ll be able to keep progressing through our mobile quest KGB – there will be three new chapters, new game mechanics and more useful tips, as well as a couple more awesome features that we’ll keep to ourselves for now.

In other news:

·         We reported on the case of Olga Ledeshkova, which is being handled by our lawyers.  Because Olga doesn’t know the identity of her biological mother, they can’t provide her with the correct diagnosis, and the registry office and courts are refusing to release the information to her.

·         We produced a detailed analysis of a proposal by deputies to isolate the Russian internet.

·         The State Duma has adopted, on first reading, draft laws imposing fines for fake news and disrespecting the government.  We go over what this is and how it’s going to work.


We’ve summarised the past six months’ financial results.  We run through how much money you contributed to us from July to December and what it was spent on.  It mainly went to our people’s lawyer.  She helps you to understand what our deputies and government officials are thinking up now, responds to anyone in need of advice on our Telegram chat, and, of course, works on cases with our other lawyers.

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Translated by Lindsay Munford\