Team 29: Kemerovo, Ingushetia, Ukraine and a small request for help...

posted 9 Apr 2019, 11:24 by Rights in Russia   [ updated 9 Apr 2019, 11:28 ]
5 April 2019

Hi, Kolya Ovchinnikov here. 

 The office was dead by the end of the week – everyone is either sick, away with work or on holiday (outrageously!) People are disappearing like online posts with the words ‘Nailya Askerzade’, ‘Kostin’ or ‘VTB’. I hope that this note doesn’t vanish as you’re reading it, because it contains an important request at the end.

What’s going on?

  • We scored a victory! The Belovsky District Court, Kemerovo Oblast, has dismissed the case on the confiscation of land plots, allegedly for the needs of the motherland (but actually, worst of all, for coal mining). We asked our lawyers Max Olenichev and Anya Fomina to film what happened in the case (they even travelled to a different region of the country), and this is what happened.

What is there to read and listen to?

  • Have a listen to the latest episode of ‘We Don’t Have Any Troops There’, about how Russia was seeking out ‘Ukrainian spies’, and found them.

How can I help?

Thanks to your help, last month we raised 301,908 roubles. That went towards the provision of expert advice in the case of Lev Shlosberg and our People’s lawyer, Stas. This is an incredible amount, and we are grateful to everyone who supports us.It’s particularly important to us to have ongoing support. It helps us to plan our work in the long term and enhance our capabilities. Last month, thanks to the People’s lawyer, we ran 57 online consultations and wrote seven long pieces on how to live in Russia. Our leaflets and advice are read over 100,000 times each month. We would like that number to go up. Your regular donations help make our aims a reality.

Thanks for reading, and please support us!

Kolya and T29 

Translated by Lindsay Munford