Team 29: Androids against common sense

posted 8 Jul 2019, 11:08 by Rights in Russia   [ updated 8 Jul 2019, 11:11 ]

2 July 2019

Greetings, I am Tanya Torocheshnikova.

Normally on Fridays I talk about events, but today I want to present an extraordinary situation  for  which I will ask your help.

You probably remember Viktor Kudryavtsev, an elderly teacher who was accused of treason. He was accused of treason and  has been imprisoned in Lefortovo for a year.  He has diabetes as well as several other medical problems. But medical treatment is not provided for persons in custody, and he is not eligible for house arrest.

I don't understand how he bears it.  He is getting worse and worse.  Every two months he is dragged to court where yet again  his sentence is increased while his oppressors openly mock him, blackmail him with threats to his relatives, promising to release him if he denounces them.   It appears that the employees of FSB are not people but androids devoid of human feelings.

 In April the European Court on Human Rights demanded that Russia provide him normal medical treatment in a prison hospital. Four days later days he was sent back.  The doctors said "There is no illness that keeps a person out of jail."

Our lawyers intend to prove that he is not being treated properly and they propose  that  he get an independent medical diagnosis.

Usually we would not be able to support Kudryavtsev.  His case is classified secret, the trials are conducted secretly and requests for giving him a lighter sentence are ignored.
But now we have a rare moment if only we know who to turn to

We have found doctors who have agreed to perform  a review of the medical documents that were issued Kudryavtsev in the hospital.
We must collect 100,000 rubles--to pay the doctors.
4317 rubles --to pay the Cloudpayment services
6383 rubles--to pay taxes.

When we have accomplished the foregoing, we will present them to European Court of Human Rights in the hopes that the Court will pay attention to the violations in Kudryavtsev's case. 

Tanya and K29

Translated by Rose Glickman