Team 29: What's worth remembering

posted 17 Nov 2018, 00:54 by Rights in Russia   [ updated 17 Nov 2018, 01:02 ]
2 November 2018

Hi, this is Kolya Ovchinnikov. 

Recently I have been experiencing some problems with my memory - I sometimes confuse my colleagues' names and forget important things. But I remember somethings. And you should also remember them.

What is going on?

The State Duma wants to limit the participation of foreigners in news aggregators. So that you had even less news. Although it seems that everything is already very bad.

Besides, it was proposed in the State Duma to authorize the crew of the planes to use special means against impetuous passengers.

Russian Internet-companies together with the Roskomnadzor decided to fight against the unlawful release of videos on the Internet.

After the explosion in Arkhangelsk's FSB department the state and its loyal propagandists began to look for those to blame. Everybody has forgotten about tortures but I think that it should be remembered.

What to read, watch and listen to?

Based on the news on impetuous passengers we have made a tablet explaining if   conductors, doctors, firefighters and employees of other services can beat people.

On Tuesday there was the day of remembrance for victims of political repression. Due to this event we have issued a text telling where to find info on relatives who suffered from terror and our lawyers have told how they help those to whom the state refuses to give dossiers for repressed relatives.

We have written a text on how we help the members of the public supervisory committee to get an authorization for shooting in colonies and detention units: without it they cannot fix violations of prisoners' rights.

We have made a podcast telling how members of Saint Petersburgh's public supervisory committee work in general: how they defend prisoners' rights and why they have gone to work for the committee.

I hope that you have remembered something else good.

See you,

Sincerely yours, Kolya and Team29.

Translated by Anna Dvoryanchikova