Team 29: ✋ Hi, It’s Dima

posted 4 Nov 2019, 13:59 by Translation Service   [ updated 4 Nov 2019, 14:06 ]

2 November 2019

Hi there. My name’s Dmitry Okrest and I’m the new Team 29 Editor-in-Chief

I’ve been in journalism for some time now. I’ve worked at RBK, The New Times, and this year I supported OVD-Info and (moment of self-promotion here) shot a documentary series about the 1990s for Dozhd – it’ll be out in November.

I knew Team 29 even before that. I was in touch with their journalists and would get comments from their lawyers, both about the cases they were working on and about my own work. But now I’m going to head the Team’s media department, and that’s a really cool challenge for me.

This week, I met my new colleagues in Moscow and St Petersburg, and I’ve come up with a master plan. I’m not going to reveal it, of course, but changes are afoot, and you’ll soon find out all about it.

However, the news hasn’t in any way been affected by our internal restructuring exercise (for better or worse). For instance, in the past few days, MPs proposed a new article for inclusion in the Criminal Code, on the ‘propagandising’ of drugs. From now on, you’ll get up to 5 years for this (up to 7 if the propaganda is via mass media).

And yesterday, Russia’s Supreme Court ordered the liquidation of one of the very oldest human rights organisations: For Human Rights, headed by Lev Ponomarev. It would appear that the responsibility for human rights now lies with us all. So, then. Hi there! And subscribe to us on social media (the colourful icons are just below).

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Translated by Lindsay Munford