Team 29: Let's Play A Game

posted 25 Nov 2018, 11:29 by Rights in Russia   [ updated 25 Nov 2018, 11:31 ]

16 November 2018


This is Tanya Torocheshnikova, the commissioning editor of Team 29, and I want to play a game with you.

What is going on?

Imagine that you have found a very funny image and want to share it with friends. You have several attempts.

To post in social networks. Try not to get caught by cyber-squads - yes-yes, there are such squads. So far they have been patrolling social networks and looking for "dangerous content" on a community basis but deputies propose to make their activity lawful.

To send in messengers. There an ambush also waits for you: Medvedev has signed a new law and now owners of messengers must request your date from the service provider and he has 20 minutes for confirming your personality. No response - the identification fails.

And if you are a military officer, forget about messengers and about social networks - you are forbidden to post photos, videos and information about yourself, and it's better not to have a social network account at all. And don't use a smartphone. Choose another character.

What to read?

Our history about how the amateur of planes was accused of state treason for communication at avia-forums. The role of a foreign agent in this case was attributed by the FSB to Israel's citizen (because fuck you, thats why).

And about an important thing. 75-year-old Viktor Kudryavtsev whom we defend is still in the detention facility. We and his family are collecting signatures for his transition under home arrest. It remains a little up to 100000, help us. It is possible that together we will manage to win.

Good luck,

your Tanya and T29

Translated by Tanya Dvoryanchikova