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posted 19 Dec 2019, 04:23 by Translation Service   [ updated 24 Dec 2019, 09:23 ]

11 December 2019

Hello, it’s Artem Nikulshin

And this is not Team 29’s regular Saturday newsletter. This letter is about money.

In September, our client Viktor Kudryavtsev was released on bail from the Lefortovo detention centre. This news was celebrated by both lawyers and journalists. But the only reason for the change in the terms of pre-trial detention for the scientist was the critical condition of his health – he was diagnosed with cancer.

Now Viktor is undergoing a course of chemotherapy in combination with experimental drugs. The main treatment for him is free, but the charge for the accompanying therapy (drugs for nausea, anaemia and tachycardia) has fallen to his family. To add to this is the journey from Korolev, where Kudryavtsev lives, to the hospital. One return trip by taxi costs around 3,500 rubles, and it is necessary to make up to four trips each month.

The scientist is taking a four-month course of treatment and it’s too early to judge the results. All that can be said is that he has not got worse. However, there is still more than half of the course still to come, and the family’s budget plainly cannot cope.

On the collection page, Team 29 has compiled a list of the necessary drugs estimated transportation costs. There, we will publish the final bill and news about Viktor’s health. Please help us to raise the necessary funds or share the collection page in your social networks. You can do this by clicking the link below:

Help Victor Kudriavtsev

Translated by Mercedes Malcomson