Team 29: We have hit the 0.2%!

posted 9 Dec 2018, 11:31 by Rights in Russia   [ updated 9 Dec 2018, 11:31 ]
30 November 2018

Hi, this is Team 29! 

It is often said to us: "Well, why are you going to Russian courts? It is impossible to win there, the authorities will always get what they want." Acquittals really do account for only 0,2% out of the total number of cases tried - that is two chances out of a thousand. It is almost impossible to obtain a discharge. But we have managed to do it - thanks to you. 

Former colleagues of Aleksander Eivasov from the court wanted to put him in jail because he had spoken about what the court system was really like. We 
have obtained a complete acquittal for Eivasov - and it is your merit. The office of Public Prosecutor dismissed an accusation of slander after an expert review organized thanks to the money you sent to us. It is twice as cool to win when you have such wonderful allies behind your back.

Besides, this month we have told how one 
can lawfully criticize the leadership, why concerts are cancelled, how the military's rights are restricted and many other things. This is our lawyer Anastasia Bocharyonok who prepares instructions in these cases and her work is also paid for by you, friends. Without you it would be much more difficult. 

We need your support very much. Thanks to it we can do even more: send lawyers to another city, order new expert reviews of cases, write another hundred important texts in which we will explain how to live in Russia. The precondition for our secure existence consists in constant payments
Support us. Let's reach the impossible together.

Translated by Anna Dvoryanchikova