Team 29: Here we go. Around Russia

posted 30 Dec 2018, 00:22 by Rights in Russia   [ updated 30 Dec 2018, 00:46 ]
7 December 2018

Hi, this is Kolya Ovchinnikov.

December is a very bad month, I have never loved it. I want something new, that is why today instead of subtitles I'll use lines from songs of musicians who are not allowed to perform their music.

Stop the party

In Russia concerts continue to be cancelled. The group IC3PEAK is met by members of law enforcement officers literally in every town and its members have to transfer their concerts from one area to another one. IC3PEAK is not the only one: GONE. Fludd, Friendzone and even Khaski who should really have been left in peace by now continue to have problems. We have written about who is prevented from giving performances in Russia and how. And we have requested commentaries from the representatives of artists and those public persons who write denunciations of them.

Swim in a net. What are you going to do about it?

Deputies of the State Duma and civil servants like very much to take action to ensure the well-being of children without asking what they really need. For example, the State Duma has approved after the third reading a bill on the blockage of information aimed at inciting any kind of involvement of minors in unlawful activities presenting a danger to their lives. The authors of the bill are struggling against so-called "Columbine groups" (have you seen them at all?) but the elastic formula will allow the banning of almost anything.

I am going to look for you but I am afraid I won't have time

Do you know that local police officers must go around the district they are in charge of and visit you? I didn't know about it until this week. And I have a suggestion why. The Ministry of Internal Affairs decided to free them from extra work - it is likely that trouble with all that paper work stopped district police officers actually dealing with people. In the hope that soon the situation will change, we have written a guide for you about your district police officer - who they are and why one may need them.

I hope that you won't need your district police officer.

Your Kolya and T29

Translated by Anna Dvoryanchikova