Team 29: FSB Abolishes Presumption of Innocence

posted 30 Dec 2018, 00:29 by Rights in Russia   [ updated 30 Dec 2018, 00:36 ]
14 December 2018

Hi. This is Kolya Ovchinnikov and I thought that this extremely difficult December week will end well but no.

What is going on?

Viktor Kudryavtsev has been kept in the Lefortovo pre-trial detention facility for half a year now. He is accused of state treason for revealing a state secret despite the fact that he didn't have access to it. He is 75 years old, he is the oldest detainee in the isolator and he has serious health problems. But the FSB doesn't care.

Firstly, they tried to force him to acknowledge his guilt and slander his colleague. Kudryavtsev refused to frame the innocent and that is why he was deprived of meetings with his relatives.

Secondly, the FSB got our petition with signatures for the transferral of Kudryavtsev under home arrest and refused to do so because the investigators have already decided that Kudryavtsev is guilty. The FSB has forgotten about the innocence presumption.

What to read?

This week everybody celebrated the 25th anniversary of the Russian constitution and each in their own way.

We have decided to remember what other variants there were back in 1993 and what the previous constitution looked like.

We have also asked Slava Dvornikov from InLiberty to tell how the constitution influences economy.

Neither did members of the Duma waste their time and proposed to making it an offence for spreading unreliable news and "evident distrust" of the state. They did not explain what this news might look like or how we might not be respecting the state.

Other Duma deputies decided that the swastika cannot be completely forbidden and proposed authorizing its usage in certain cases: for example, in art and the media. But there are nuances.

What to watch?

We have also made videos on alternative constitutions. Take a look at them on our website.

Take care of yourselves

Kolya and T29

Translated by Anna Dvoryanchikova