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Week-ending 1 April 2011

posted 4 Apr 2011, 02:46 by Rights in Russia   [ updated 4 Apr 2011, 03:10 ]
Air strikes in Ingushetia
Rallies on 31 March
Andreas Gross: LGBT rights violated in Russia
Court rules on ‘special technical devices’
Vasilyeva quits job
New checks on corruption
New report on corruption
Hazing up
Internet censorship in Novosibirsk
Churov re-elected
North Caucasus
At least 17 rebels and three law enforcement officers were reported killed on 28/3 in air and ground strikes on a suspected terrorist camp in Ingushetia. (The Moscow Times, 29/3)
Right of assembly
Two rallies for the right of assembly were held on 31/3 in Moscow. One, headed by rights veteran Ludmila Alekseeva, ended peacefully while the other, headed by Eduard Limonov, was dispersed with more than 50 people detained. Police detained about 100 protestors in St. Petersburg and about a dozen in Nizhny Novgorod. (The Moscow Times, 1/4)
LGBT rights
Andreas Gross of the human rights committee of the Council of Europe’s Parliamentary Assembly said (30/3) Russia’s sexual minorities face pressure similar to the country's political opposition in violation of their rights. (The Moscow Times, 31/3)
Justice system
The Constitutional Court ruled (31/3) that the Criminal Code outlaws sale or purchase of ‘special technical devices intended for covert collection of information.’ (The Moscow Times, 1 /4)
Natalya Vasilyeva, aide to Judge Danilkin who said the verdict in the Yukos trial was dictated by higher-level members of the judiciary, resigned (28/3). (The Moscow Times, 29/3)
On 28/3 President Medvedev introduced stricter checks on income declarations by officials and stronger anti-corruption measures in state procurements. (The Moscow Times, 29/3)
On 28/3 the Party for National Freedom in a report entitled Putin. Corruption claimed that corruption in 2000-2010 was worse than in the 1990s. (, 28/3; The Moscow Times, 29/3)
Hazing in the army rose more than 16 percent last year, with ethnic tensions contributing increasingly, Sergei Fridinsky, chief military prosecutor, said on 25/3. (The Moscow Times, 27/3)
Novosibirsk anti-narcotics officers ordered a local web site ( to remove a number of Hollywood films touching on illegal substances, including Saving Grace, Trainspotting and Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas. (The Moscow Times, 1/4)
Vladimir Churov, the head of the Central Elections Commission much criticized by election monitors, was re-elected (28/3) to a five-year term in a one-horse race. (The Moscow Times, 29/3)
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4 Apr 2011, 03:10