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Week-ending 1 July 2011

posted 4 Jul 2011, 06:45 by Rights in Russia   [ updated 4 Jul 2011, 06:49 ]
14 detained at Gay Parade
10 detained at rally for Khodorkovsky
Bill delayed
CoE concerned
Two accused over Putin motorcade
Editor acquitted for second time
Scientology literature ruled extremist
Rights defenders harassed in Groznyi
Prisoner denied medical care
Ruling in favour of whistleblowers
Lebedev applies for parole
Right of assembly
A “Slavic Gay Parade” on 25/6 in St. Petersburg ended with the detention of 14 activists and one individual who had attacked participants. (, 25/6)
About ten participants in a rally in support of Mikhail Khodorkovsky that did not have official permission were arrested on Moscow’s Arbat street on 26/6. (, 26/6)
European Court of Human Rights
The State Duma decided (30/6) to delay debate on a bill that would allow the Russian Constitutional Court to decide whether judgments of the European Court of Human Rights should be executed. (The Moscow Times, 1/7)
Council of Europe Secretary General Thorbjørn Jagland was reported ‘very concerned’ about the bill. (, 30/6)
Media rights
The Federal Guard Service accused two TV cameramen from Dozhd and Russian Travel Guide of ‘showing their genitals’ to PM Putin as he passed in a motorcade. The two denied the charges but gave up video they had shot. (The Moscow Times, 1/7)
Galina Yartseva, editor of a newspaper in Veliky Novgorod, has been acquitted for a second time of charges brought after she accused local officials of corruption and a local plant of air pollution. Prosecutors had forced her to undergo a psychiatric examination. (The Moscow Times, 29/6)
Freedom of conscience
A Moscow region court declared books and brochures by Scientology founder L. Ron Hubbard extremist, the Prosecutor General's Office said on 30/6. The works will now be on a Justice Ministry list of banned materials. (The Moscow Times, 1/7)
Amnesty International said the Chechen authorities must end intimidation and harassment of rights defenders after Grozny police threatened members of the Committee Against Torture after breaking up a peaceful rally on 24/6. (Amnesty International, 29/6)
Memorial Human Rights Centre reported the life and health of Shamkhan Mukhidovich Aziev in prison in Chechnya to be in danger since he is being denied medical aid. (Memorial, 29/6)
Constitutional Court
The Constitutional Court on 30/6 ruled that state employees cannot be punished for engaging in whistleblowing activities against their superiors. (The Moscow Times, 1/7)
Yukos case
It was reported (1/7) that Velsk district court in Arkhangelsk region will begin hearing the parole application of Platon Lebedev, former head of Menatep Bank, on 26 July. (, 2/7)
Rights in Russia,
4 Jul 2011, 06:46