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Week-ending 3 June 2011

posted 5 Jun 2011, 23:56 by Rights in Russia   [ updated 6 Jun 2011, 01:05 ]
Gay rights arrests
Freedom of assembly arrests
Politkovskaya suspect arrested
Vienna court convicts three
NTV on Khodorkovsky
European Court ruling on violations
Call for free and fair elections
President meets Beslan mothers
Bill on territorial limits for prisoners
Right of assembly
Police arrested more than 30 people trying to hold two unauthorized gay rights demonstrations in central Moscow on 28/5. A police spokesman said 18 gay activists and 14 opponents were arrested. (The Moscow Times, 29/5)
On 31/5 police detained more than 60 activists in Moscow and St. Petersburg at demonstrations against restrictions on freedom of assembly. The 26 arrested in Moscow included Eduard Limonov and Ilya Yashin. (The Moscow Times, 2/6)
Politkovskaya killing
Rustam Makhmudov, accused of the 2006 killing of Anna Politkovskaya, was arrested by FSB and military forces at his family home in Chechnya after returning there from Belgium, investigators said 31/5. (The Moscow Times, 1/6)
Israilov killing
On 1/6 the Viennese Criminal Court sentenced three Chechen men for the 2009 murder of Umar Israilov, a Chechen refugee who had alleged Chechen President Ramzan Kadyrov had committed torture against him. (Memorial, 3/6)
Khodorkovsky case
On 29/5 State-owned NTV television broadcast a prime-time report in which jailed former Yukos CEO Mikhail Khodorkovsky announced that he would seek parole, fueling speculation the Kremlin might decide to free him. (The Moscow Times, 31/5)
On 31/5 the European Court of Human Rights ruled Russia violated the rights of Mikhail Khodorkovsky. The judgment said there had been violations in Khodorkovsky's conditions of detention after his arrest in October 2003. (BBC, 31/5)
Without free elections there will be turmoil in Russia, according to an open letter issued by prominent cultural figures on 30/5. The authors say that if upcoming elections prove no more than a simulation, the President and Prime Minister will be responsible for the political crisis that will follow. (, 30/5)
On 1/6 President Medvedev met with mothers of children killed during the terrorist attack on a Beslan school in 2004. Medvedev promised a new check into actions of local security officials who failed to prevent the attack. (The Moscow Times, 3/6)
Bill passes to remove territorial limits for certain prisoners
The State Duma passed (31/5) a bill under which those convicted of involvement in illegal armed groups and extremism can serve their sentences in any region of Russia. (Caucasian Knot, 31/5)
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