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Week-ending 9 September 2011

posted 12 Sep 2011, 01:08 by Rights in Russia   [ updated 12 Sep 2011, 01:19 ]

CoE on freedom of assembly

New exposé in Magnitsky case

Nurgaliyev on Magnitsky case

Prisoners' health

Khodorkovsky on Cameron visit

Plea bargain in Politkovskaya case

New development in Fetisov case?

Matveyev jailed 

Rise in ethnic tensions  

Kashin wins German prize

Kremlin official criticizes Kadyrov
Council of Europe / Freedom of assembly
In a letter to the Government of the Russian Federation (9/9), Council of Europe Commissioner for Human Rights, Thomas Hammarberg , said the Russian authorities should act to uphold freedom of assembly. (Council of Europe, 9/9) 

Magnitsky case
Hermitage Capital Management released (8/9) a new exposé about officials implicated in the death of its lawyer Sergei Magnitsky, accusing them of stealing 1 billion rubles of state money through illegal tax refunds. (The Moscow Times, 9/9) 

Interior Minister Rashid Nurgaliyev said (3/9) he would burn "with a red-hot iron" any police officers who gained illicit wealth and were involved in the prosecution of Hermitage Capital lawyer Sergei Magnitsky. (The Moscow Times, 7/9) 

The Justice Ministry ordered prison doctors to check the health of prisoners in solitary confinement. (The Moscow Times, 8/9) 

Other high Profile cases: Khodorkovsky / Politkovskaya / Fetisov / Matveyev 
Mikhail Khodorkovsky said Mr Cameron during his upcoming visit to Russia should pressure the Kremlin into becoming "a modern European state." (The Daily Telegraph, 8/9) 

Dmitry Pavlyuchenkov, a key witness-turned-suspect in the 2006 killing of Novaya Gazeta reporter Anna Politkovskaya, has reportedly (3/9) struck a plea bargain with investigators to identify the murder's mastermind. (The Moscow Times, 5/9) 

A former gangster reportedly identified (5/9) the masterminds of the brutal beating of environmental activist Konstantin Fetisov, who campaigned against the construction of an $8 billion highway through Khimki forest. (The Moscow Times, 6/9) 

Ivan Matveyev, a Russian army major who alleged his men had been fed dog food, has been jailed for four years for beating up two soldiers in a separate case. (BBC, 9/9) 

President Medvedev on ethnic tension
President Medvedev told a conference in Yaroslavl (8/9) that ethnic tension was rising in Russia but cracking down too hard would undermine stability. (The Moscow Times, 9/9) 

Media rights
Kommersant reporter Oleg Kashin has been awarded (6/9) the Media Foundation of Sparkasse Leipzig’s Prize for the Freedom and Future of the Media. (The Moscow Times, 8/9) 

North Caucasus 
Aleksandr Khloponin, the Kremlin's envoy to the North Caucasus, said (7/9) youths in Chechnya want more freedom than allowed by the region’s leader Ramzan Kadyrov. (AlertNet, 8/9)