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Week-ending 13 January 2012

posted 15 Jan 2012, 15:05 by Rights in Russia   [ updated 15 Jan 2012, 15:13 ]

European Court ruling

OSCE report on Duma elections

Patriarch Kirill on elections

Rally planned for 4/2

No debate for Putin

Alleged cheating by Mezentsev

Udaltsov arrest lawful court rules

Request to drop Voina charges

Protests over Osipova jailing

Navalny loses corruption case

At least 7 killed in clashes
Pre-trial detention 
Russia must reduce the number of remand detainees, the European Court of Human Rights ruled in a judgment on 10/1. The court said detainees were subjected to inhumane treatment and had no adequate means of redress. (RIA Novosti, 11/1) 

State Duma elections: aftermath 
The 4/12 State Duma elections failed to meet democratic standards and were fraught with violations, the OSCE said in a report published on 12/1. (The Moscow Times, 13/1) 

In a televised message on Orthodox Christmas Day, Patriarch Kirill said the Kremlin should heed the recent mass protests over ballot-rigging and adjust its policies. (BBC, 7/1) 

On 10/1 opposition groups said they would hold a rally near the Kremlin on 4/2, stepping up pressure on Prime Minister Vladimir Putin over a controversial election win by his party on 4/12. (The Moscow Times [Reuters], 12/1) 

Presidential elections 
Vladimir Putin will not take part in Russian presidential election debates because of his duties as prime minister, his spokesman has announced. (BBC, 12/1) 

Dmitry Mezentsev, a Russian presidential candidate with close links to the Kremlin, denied that his campaign organisers have been cheating. Mezentsev’s team has been accused of hiring students to fill in fake lists of supporters. (BBC, 11/1) 

Human rights defenders / Civil society activists 
Moscow's Tverskoi court ruled on 7/1 the administrative detention of Russian opposition activist Sergei Udaltsov, arrested on 4/12, which ended on 4/1, was lawful. (RIA Novosti, 8/1) 

On 10/1 St. Petersburg investigators asked prosecutors for the second time to drop charges against Leonid Nikolayev and Oleg Vorotnikov of radical art group Voina in relation to a stunt in which they overturned police cars. (The Moscow Times, 11/1) 

On 10/1 activists said they would stage protests across Moscow in support of Taisiya Osipova, an opposition activist, jailed for 10 years in Smolensk on drug charges. (The Moscow Times, 10/1) 

On 12/1 the Moscow region's Federal Arbitration Court backed two lower court decisions to throw out Aleksei Navalny's lawsuit against a VTB Group daughter company, which he alleges laundered about $160 million. (The Moscow Times, 13/1) 

Four Russian security personnel and at least three Islamist militants were killed in clashes in Chechnya in fighting that began on 8/1, Russia's Interior Ministry said. (BBC, 9/1)
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15 Jan 2012, 15:05